BitMEX Is Considered As A High Risk Exchange
09 October 2020 14:26, UTC Anna Martynova
Chainalysis warns clients that BitMEX is a high risk platform
Walmart And MoneyGram Will Continue To Work On Walmart2World
08 October 2020 15:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Walmart and MoneyGram extend payment service partnership for three years more
UK Regulator Bans the Sale of Crypto Derivatives to Retail Investors
08 October 2020 14:10, UTC Anna Martynova
UK financial regulator bans selling crypto derivatives to retail investors
Google Cloud to Join EOS Community
07 October 2020 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Google Cloud will work with Block.one to provide the open source community with new ways to interact and build Apps on EOS
Zilliqa (ZIL) Launches Decentralized Exchange ZilSwap
07 October 2020 13:58, UTC Anna Martynova
Zilliqa (ZIL) launches its first decentralized exchange ZilSwap as a gateway to the DeFi space
John McAfee Arrested in Spain, Will Be Extradited to USA
06 October 2020 11:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
US Department of Justice Attorney's Office indicted John McAfee on tax evasion and willful refusal to file tax returns
Central Bank of Estonia to Explore Infrastructure for Digital Currency
05 October 2020 14:53, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The project aims to test if a blockchain solution called Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) can support a virtual currency program
Egyptians Show Interest in Crypto Investments Amid Recession
05 October 2020 09:08, UTC Denis Goncharenko
A large number of Egyptians are trading and mining bitcoins as an alternative source of income as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the Egyptian economy into recession and rising unemployment
Ripple Launches Renewable Energy Payment Solution
02 October 2020 15:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Ripple's blockchain tool will reduce carbon emissions by purchasing renewable energy
Australian Development Plan Includes Blockchain Technology
02 October 2020 14:37, UTC Anna Martynova
Australian Prime Minister announces the largest blockchain investment by the Federal Government to date
First Project Migrates From Ethereum Blockchain To Cardano With SingularityNET
01 October 2020 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
SingularityNET Foundation works with IOHK to move much of SingularityNET's decentralized AI network to Cardano blockchain
New IOTA Project for Special Access Control
01 October 2020 13:44, UTC Anna Martynova
The IOTA Foundation releases IOTA Access in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, STMicroelectronics and other major companies
NBX To Tokenize Norwegian Krone And Gold
30 September 2020 14:47, UTC Anna Martynova
Norwegian Centralized Exchange is going to tokenize gold and Norwegian Krone
Waves Exchange Launches Forex Market With Stablecoins
30 September 2020 14:04, UTC Anna Martynova
Waves Exchange launches decentralized Forex market using stablecoins
Bahrain Central Bank Issues World's First Hard Assets Tokenization License
30 September 2020 13:28, UTC Anna Martynova
Bahrain Issues license to test blockchain solution to address sustainable infrastructure funding gaps
South Korea Invests In Blockchain And 5G
29 September 2020 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
South Korean authorities have taken another step to become a leader in the global blockchain space
Huobi Launches Crypto Trading App For Russian Market
29 September 2020 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
One of the world's leading crypto exchanges has launched a cryptocurrency trading application focused exclusively on the Russian market
2.5 Mln BTC Left To Mine
28 September 2020 14:30, UTC Anna Martynova
The number of bitcoins already mined exceeds 18.5 mln
Uniswap Has $2 Bln In Total Value Locked
28 September 2020 13:31, UTC Anna Martynova
Uniswap is a first DeFi protocol with $2 bln in total value locked
New Members of the Blockchain Association
25 September 2020 16:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Blockchain Association adds 0x, Kraken and Stellar executives as board members

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