7 Predictions for the Future of Crypto in 2023
09 January 2023 11:44, UTC

Here seven things we expect will happen in the crypto world in 2023.

The 4 Phases of a Crypto Market Cycle
04 January 2023 12:50, UTC

Trading requires a certain depth of information to maximize profitability. Like other financial markets, the crypto market has different phases where traders come in and exit the market. If you're looking to trade cryptocurrency, knowing the four phases of the crypto market will help you make better decisions to manage your trading portfolio correctly.

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Why CEX.IO is the Best Place to Buy Bitcoin Quickly
23 December 2022 06:05, UTC

The development of the CEX.IO project began in early 2013, and it continued with the introduction of the CEX.IO domain, the purchase of GHash.assets, IO's and, finally, the registration of the CEX.IO LTD legal entity in November 2013.

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When to Expect the New Bitcoin Rally?
13 December 2022 10:14, UTC

According to Mark Yusko, a hedge fund manager, there’s a likelihood of another Bitcoin rally in the second quarter of 2023 up to early 2024. Anticipation will likely trigger the new rally thanks to a halving mechanism that lowers Bitcoin’s block earning by half after four years.

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The Crypto Boom And Its Affect On Financial Stability
22 November 2022 15:40, UTC

Cryptocurrency assets occur in a variety of forms and have developed to satisfy varied requirements for payments, currency conversion, speculative investment, and stores of value. Due to the addition of new services for consumers, decentralised finance (DeFi) is growing in popularity.

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How Cryptocurrency Has Changed The Outlook Of The Economy For The Better?
22 November 2022 13:30, UTC

Cryptocurrencies have evolved from being a novelty on the internet to trillion-dollar enterprises that have the power to upend the world's financial system. Digital currencies are used to pay for anything from programs to property investment, as well as being increasingly regarded as assets.

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The Future Of Cryptocurrency In The Upcoming Decade
21 November 2022 14:25, UTC

Cryptocurrency is the epitome of the technological revolution in the modern era. However what future does cryptocurrency entail? Speaking of facts, thus far bitcoin has performed poorly in 2022.

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Bad News For Crypto Traders: Bitcoin Volatility Continues To Increase
21 November 2022 14:14, UTC

The majority of market watchers of cryptocurrencies will concur that virtual currency turbulence is in an entirely other club. There are no indexes to quantify the instability of bitcoin prices. However, it is sufficient to look at past currency markets to observe that relative to the costs of securities in traditional markets, cryptocurrency prices experience more rapid and dramatic spikes and troughs.

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Five Leading Factors To Identify A Worthy DeFi Project
18 November 2022 09:52, UTC

How do savvy financiers figure out which DeFi ventures to back? Although no investor can see into the future, investors can look for indicators of a strong protocol. The fundamentals as well as important crypto criteria for judging a DeFi project's worth are discussed in this tutorial. You will be prepared to dive headfirst into DeFi by the end of the article.

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Will The Latest Crypto Fallout Impact The Existential Trades?
18 November 2022 09:34, UTC

The unexpected death spiral of the virtual currency exchange FTX last week has sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency sector. Investors such as Sequoia Capital and Masayoshi Son's SoftBank were caught off guard by the company's bankruptcy filing.

The Rapid Rise of Crypto Casinos
26 October 2022 06:14, UTC

The online gambling market has seen various trends in the past 8 years. Statistics show that at the start of 2021, wagers and bets placed using crypto amounted to around 25% of the entire iGaming market. By December 2021, that number had soared to a surprising 45.1%. In quarter one of 2022, crypto betting tripled its yield from the start of the previous year, boasting a 110.7% growth. Crypto casinos and bookmakers are close to taking half of all wagers placed, globally.

Will the Crypto Winter End Sooner Than Expected?
12 August 2022 08:50, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Crypto winter, according to South Korean academics, is expected to expire before the end of the financial year. However, there are issues which may prevent it from happening

Reasons to Invest In The Meantime Of Crypto Market Downturn
28 July 2022 08:28, UTC Nick James

The crypto market is now going through a particularly tough period, like many other markets throughout the globe

Is Terra LUNA an Archetype of Ponzi Schemes? The Answer Lies in Its Timeline
27 July 2022 07:59, UTC Anirban Roy

Despite immense popularity, fiat-backed stablecoins have a few underlying severe concerns that no investors can ignore

What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin Price In A Moment Of Crypto Market Crash?
25 May 2022 14:20, UTC Nick James

Since the last week crypto market continues to crash. What will be the next step for crypto market?

Are We Living in a Crypto Bubble: Is It Worth the Risk?
19 May 2022 07:05, UTC Anirban Roy

In light of recent events some crypto enthusiasts started asserting again that the crypto is another dot-com-like bubble and is about to pop soon

NFTs Daily Trading Volume Surpasses $50 Bln in April 2022
28 April 2022 08:20, UTC Denis Goncharenko

The daily trading volume of NFTs surpassed the psychological level of $50 Bln per day in April 2022, according to the on-chain data acquired by IntoTheBlock

Best Tools For Analyzing NFT Market
27 April 2022 09:05, UTC Leonhard Brunnhofer

Profitable NFT traders are putting a lot of effort into making profits, and many use various tools to stay on top of the fast-moving market and do their research

Shorting Tether Reignites Debates Over Stablecoins
30 March 2022 15:20, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Shorting Tether has been resurrected by conventional hedge funds, highlighting how tough it is to bet against the stablecoin that underpins most of the trade in the cryptocurrency industry.

Crypto in Conflicts: China Could Be the Next Black Swan for Industry
11 March 2022 13:10, UTC Oladotun Ayotomiwa

As the cryptocurrency markets became very active due to the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, traders have identified a new possible source of contention – China and Taiwan

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