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This is Why Morpheus.Network rallied 50% in the last few months

10 November 2023 13:43, UTC

Morpheus. Network recently joined hands with Coca-Cola to manage their supply chains over the blockchain. Digital twin copy of your supply chain for real-time tracking, visibility, and efficiency. It is also a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.

Its Masternode program lets users earn up to 18% staking returns. MNW, Morpheus.Network’s native token has gone up by 4x in the past 10 months and is primed for bigger gains in 2024. Let’s discuss the drivers behind MNW’s gains this year.


Morpheus.Network is a middleware solution connecting various IT systems and solutions for supply chains. It is blockchain-agnostic and can be integrated with any platform to power supply chains.

Currently, the network is integrated with Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger and Polygon. The platform is also cloud-agnostic and runs on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It will soon transition to the more privacy-focused, scalable ZK rollups.


The MNW tokens can be used to pay for data storage, notarization and exchange on the platform. Its total circulating supply of 48.7 tokens has a market cap of 65 million and 264k in volume


MNW has been moving sideways for a few months before turning northwards in late October. Ever since, MNW has been in an uptrend, creating a series of lower highs. It’s currently trading at $1.41, with 28% gains in October alone. MNW has broken above the ascending triangle pattern, whose upper trendline is acting as its support currently.

It is trading above its 200-day EMA and 50-day SMA, which suggests continued momentum. The most notable is the RSI increase. At a solid 63, its RSI substantiates an uptrend. The buyers look like they are in control of the market.

MNW has to test the first fib resistance at $1.46 to continue its momentum. The second and third resistances are at $1.74 and $2.2. In case MNW fails, The immediate support will be $1.10.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Morpheus.Network currently integrates with 150+ industry-leading technologies and service providers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, SAP, FCL, and Salesforce, as well as various IoT devices from leading companies such as Geotab, Hanhaa and Digital Matter.

Awards And Achievements

  • Morpheus.Network was among the 22 companies (out of 500) accepted into the Supply Chain Innovation Program at the legendary Plug and Play Tech Centre in Silicon Valley.

  • It uses external code audits from industry-leading firms such as Veracode, Certik and Inviti to ensure the highest security standards.

  • Its Blockchain-Powered Brand Protection feature is now SAP-certified.

  • It has a technology partnership with IBM

  • Proud member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


  • Winner of the Gulftainer ‘Future of Ports’ competition from over 2,000 entries across 6 continents

  • Winner of the FOOD LOGISTICS 2022 Top Software & Technology Providers awards.

  • Winner of the ISCEA PTAK Award for Supply Chain Excellence at the SCTECH2021 conference, and many more.

Where is MNW Headed?

Morpheus.Network is transforming the way supply chains work across the globe. Morpheus.Network, with strong fundamentals and technicals, is moving towards real-world adoption.

As the platform moves into more diverse use cases, its growth will be utility-driven, bringing exponential gains to the holders.