Study: The Opportunities For InsurTech In The Next Five Years
In 2018, InsurTech was one of the most rapidly developing segments of the digital economy. The new large-scale report predicts the future of the industry
29 March 2019 11:55, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Japanese Banks Invest In MoneyTap App using Ripple’s xCurrent
According to the SBI report, 13 more banks are investing in an application that allows making 24/7 domestic money transactions with lower fees
29 March 2019 09:49, UTC
Partners news
Crypto Games Conference: 80% of Speakers Have Already Confirmed Participation
The two-day conference will gather 1000+ attendees from 30 countries. The CGC showcase for startup-developers announced
29 March 2019 09:10, UTC
Microsoft Azure: What’s In The Clouds
Cloud computing and cloud services, these concepts have been around for quite some time. They are on agenda: reports, announcements of new products and studies of IT specialists
29 March 2019 08:53, UTC Aleksandre B
Canadian Town of Innisfil To Launch A Program for Paying Taxes With Crypto
Following the pilot program, the residents of the city will be able to pay real estate taxes using Bitcoin; City Council approved the project
29 March 2019 07:31, UTC
Mexican Crypto Industry Trapped In "Catch-22." Will The Regulation Paradox Change?
The development of crypto industry in Mexico is under threat. In early March, the Central Bank published a circular prohibiting fintech companies from operating with cryptocurrencies
28 March 2019 13:19, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Bitrefill Included An Option To Pay For Airbnb And Netflix With Crypto
Users can utilize Bitrefill Airbnb and Netflix gift cards to book hotels and pay for video-provider services, with five types of cryptocurrency available
28 March 2019 08:30, UTC
Alibaba Acquires Augmented Reality (AR) Startup
Chinese technology giant bought Israeli startup called Infinity Augmented Reality, which is developing a platform for augmented reality glasses and applications
28 March 2019 07:11, UTC
EOS Price Grows By 12% Amidst New Positions In Rankings
Weiss Crypto Rankings and new CoinMarketCap metrics have played an essential role in the growth of coin’s price
27 March 2019 12:06, UTC
Hershey Company Joins AdLedger Blockchain Consortium
AdLedger was founded by IBM, Tegna and MadHive blockchain company in 2018. It develops DLT solutions for the digital advertising market
27 March 2019 07:41, UTC
Blockchain Smartphones. What’s Wrong With The Hype?
Smartphones with the blockchain implemented is popular news topic today. However, do not rush and trust the advertising, let's have a look at the product first
26 March 2019 13:47, UTC Aleksandre B
DragonEx Exchange Hacked, Users’ Assets Stolen
The official statement says that the exchange has lost control over the users’ cryptocurrency assets, but the amount of losses is not specified yet
26 March 2019 12:04, UTC
What Is The Reason Behind 95% Of Crypto Trading Volume Being Faked?
This weekend the cryptocurrency world was shaken by a new investigation. Bitwise Asset Management analysts examined the trading volume of 81 exchanges, and their conclusions are rather gloomy
26 March 2019 07:49, UTC Denis Goncharenko
OKEx Launches Own Blockchain And the OKDEx Decentralized Exchange
The company which is based in Malta announced that its operating team is developing a blockchain called OKChain. Besides that, the OKB token will be launched in late April
26 March 2019 06:53, UTC
The New Format Of Binance Launchpad Provoked Users’ Negative Reactions
Binance decided to introduce the lottery format for the next Binance Launchpad project. However, the community reacted negatively, and CZ decided to think over the rules again
25 March 2019 08:57, UTC
MetaMask Broadcasts Users' Ethereum Addresses to Visited Websites
MetaMask, the popular crypto wallet, broadcasted the wallets to the websites that are visited by the users, allowing third parties to see their ETH addresses
25 March 2019 07:13, UTC
Image of The Week, March, 18-22: Cryptoglobe, Chepicap, Invest In Blockchain and Others
Overproduction crisis of Nvidia, fraudulent clone of the Wasabi BTC wallet and other news of the week in our world media digest
22 March 2019 14:04, UTC Ian Marchewski
China: ICO and STO are objects of illegal financial activity
A recent statement by the Beijing Association of Financial Industry says so. Will real restrictions follow?
22 March 2019 09:53, UTC
Litecoin, The Brainchild Of Charlie Lee
Companies most often resemble their creators, who convey the traits of their own character, attitude to life, energy to their business. Charlie Lee and his Litecoin are a good example
21 March 2019 13:51, UTC Aleksandre B
Scammers Discovered Vulnerability In the Augur Betting System
Reddit users claim that the fraudsters exploit the vulnerability. Augur CEO announces that the team has found a solution
21 March 2019 07:58, UTC