Dash Launches SMS Donations System
Dash crypto project announced the launch of a P2P charity system which is based on its own cryptocurrency and doesn’t need an internet connection
18 March 2019 08:29, UTC
Study: 43 Bugs Found In Major Blockchain and Crypto Projects During One Month
According to the White Hat hacker group, none of the vulnerabilities are critical. Some of the projects from the list have already reported bug fixes
18 March 2019 07:04, UTC
Image of The Week, March, 11 — 15: News BTC, Fortune, Quartz and Others
The trailer for “Crypto” the film, the continuation of the QuadrigaCX mysterious story and much more in our weekly review of the world crypto-press
15 March 2019 14:43, UTC Ian Marchewski
What Major Barriers Do Casinos Have When Trying to Adopt Bitcoin?
Online casino companies are open to accepting cryptocurrencies because of the advantages they bring. But still the casino sector is lagging behind when it’s about adoption
15 March 2019 13:37, UTC Christopher Owens
Loom Network (LOOM) To Accept Binance Coin As a Payment Option
BNB payment support will enable dApps created on the Loom Network to expand beyond the Ethereum network and traditional payment methods
15 March 2019 11:30, UTC
Former Mt.Gox CEO Sentenced To 2.5 Years In Prison
Throughout the entire process of the Mt.Gox case, the defendant claimed that he was completely innocent. Tokyo District Court convicted him under one of the charges
15 March 2019 07:32, UTC
Guest posts
Common Mistakes Of Retail Crypto Investors And How To Avoid Them
The events of the past years in the crypto industry depicted the weaknesses of the retail investors, whose skills proved to fail. Learn the mistakes and don’t repeat them!
14 March 2019 12:04, UTC Richard Shibi
Canadian Police Investigates Bitcoin ATM Frauds
According to the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Cybercrime Team, the Canadian blockchain company suffered significant losses as a result of the crimes
14 March 2019 09:24, UTC
Coinbase Pro Is To List Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Stellar has recently attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community, which is also reflected in the rise in the price of the token
14 March 2019 07:49, UTC
Cryptocurrency Wallet Makes an Appearance in Samsung Galaxy S10
With many fans eagerly getting their hands on the latest Samsung handset, many of the new features of the phone have finally come to light
13 March 2019 14:24, UTC
Ontology Plans 200,000 ONG Giveaway, Establishes New Partnerships
The founder of Ontology announced the beginning of long-term cooperation with the world's leading video platforms during a recent TOKEN2049 conference
13 March 2019 13:58, UTC
HSBC Finally Tests Blockchain, Develops Voltron Platform
Global Bank invites South Korean banks to partner in terms of the development of the announced project in the near future
13 March 2019 13:11, UTC
Binance Labs-backed Koi Trading Has Released New AML Compliance Platform
The new project which was created in collaboration with IdentityMind, is intended for use by enterprises providing financial services
13 March 2019 07:58, UTC
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Is The Next Step In Evolving The Crypto Industry
The future of the ICO is a hot topic to discuss — it has long become clear that the status quo is not an option, and the industry started looking for better ways to develop
12 March 2019 13:41, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Paxos Plans To Launch Cryptocurrency Backed By Precious Metals
According to the CEO of Paxos, precious metals are best suited for tokenization, and gold is probably the first candidate for this role
12 March 2019 12:40, UTC
Partners news
Blockchain Life 2019 Welcomes 5000+ Attendees And Top Companies At Its 3d Edition
The list of speakers who will discuss the latest crypto trends also keeps growing
12 March 2019 09:39, UTC
Stellar (XLM) Is Rebranding. What Happens To The Price?
Stellar continues to work on identification, this time deciding to change the corporate identity, according to the Road Map for 2019. Did it affect the coin price?
12 March 2019 08:09, UTC
IBM and CULedger Partnered To Develop Blockchain Solutions
The goal of the IBM and CULedger partnership is to jointly develop permissioned blockchains for implementation in existing business models and processes for credit unions
11 March 2019 13:34, UTC
Best Practices and Examples For Developing AI-Powered Concierge App
The biggest tech companies are combining AI and machine learning to create curated assistance for customers — AI can play crucial role in the hospitality industry as well
11 March 2019 07:39, UTC Victor Osadchiy
Another Monero (XMR) Hard Fork: What Are The Changes
Monero network update was primarily aimed at improving privacy and security, the developers reported on Twitter recently
11 March 2019 07:15, UTC