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Switzerland's Largest Food Retailer Introduces Blockchain Traceability Platform

Swiss supermarket chain Migros has announced the integration of a new blockchain-based solution to ensure unprecedented food safety. The project is launched in partnership with TE-FOOD, which provides the world's largest publicly available farm-to-table food traceability technology. TE-FOOD currently serves more than 6,000 business customers and processes up to 400,000 transactions per day.

Migros reports that the company will use the DLT-based software to monitor the fruit and vegetable supply chains.

Many food suppliers are now launching various monitoring and traceability projects. However, most of them are essentially marketing tools aimed to deliver product information to consumers, says the company’s press release. Introducing its new blockchain solution, Migros intends to receive the most detailed information about the entire supply chain, optimize its business processes and improve distribution channels achieving a more efficient delivery system and ensuring the freshness and safety of the goods. Despite the functioning mobile app, the new system is intended only for internal use. Consumer access is not provided in the current version.

Image courtesy of: CBC.ca

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