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Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao Releases His Own Cryptocurrency

One of the most famous boxing champions, Manny PACQUIAO from the Philippines has just announced that his new cryptocurrency, the Pac coin is now listed on a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Pacquiao has been quite active outside of this boxing career, as he’s been trying to pursue a path in both politics and singing, therefore the coin could most likely be a stunt to raise funds for his future political campaigns. The Pac coin will help fans purchase merchandise and get VIP access to Pacquiao’s social media channels where they can ask questions about his boxing career as well as his plans for the future of Philippine’s politics.

Multiple celebrities all over the world have started to garner support based on cryptocurrencies, simply because of its popularity among the voters. Having some kind of affiliation with the technology is already enough to paint a progressive picture in the world political scene.

Multiple alternate political parties all over the world, striving to enter the parliaments of their relative countries have tried the same tactic, which has been showing some actual results among the number of supporters. It’s quite possible that most of the “alternate” political campaigns in the future will be fully funded by cryptocurrencies so as to display some transparency and avoid any unlawful lobbying.

Image courtesy of Forbes

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