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North Korea Denies Involvement In the $2B Crypto Hacking Attempts In 2019

The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea has recently come out with a statement denying its involvement in the $2 billion crypto hacking attempts that have occurred in 2019. The government called these accusations as false and classified them as excuses from foreign “enemies” to justify further sanctions and embargoes on the DPRK.

North Korea was accused by several independent cybersecurity experts who managed to trace a lot of crypto-jacking malware to North Korea-based devices and facilities. They reported these numbers to the UN and it has been under consideration and investigation ever since.

26-08-2019 11:34:43  |   Regulation
The experts claim that the North Koreans have been using fairly sophisticated malware in order to gain access to multiple crypto exchanges and banking facilities all over the world. The total estimate of the amount stolen so far is $2 billion, which, according to the experts were used to fund the nation’s weapons program of 2019. The allegations also mention at least 18 sovereign nations that took the brunt of the attack, the forefront of whom is the DRPK’s southern neighbor and long-time nemesis, South Korea.

It’s currently unknown whether or not the allegations are true, but the UN is also considering the country’s tarnished reputation which will most likely force it to approach this matter with as much seriousness as possible. We may have the final answer to this predicament quite soon.

Image courtesy of VOX.com

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