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Buterin’s Proposal Regarding BCH Caused a Wave of Criticism

Ethereum has faced difficulty scaling: the network processes only 15 transactions per second [TPS]. Against this background, Vitalik BUTERIN proposed the use of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain as a temporary solution for scaling, but this triggered a negative reaction from Ethereum supporters.

In the said proposal, Buterin listed high data throughput, low fees, cheaper BCH block verification, and “a friendly BCH community” as main reasons for the proposal, deeming Bitcoin Cash blockchain as one of the worthy contenders.

However, the alleged integration has confused many ETH supporters. The event caused massive disputes among the community, which led to the fall of Ethereum by more than 8% per hour on July 14. The latest one to join the wing of critics is Tuur DEMEESTER, Founding Partner at Adamant Capital. His tweet read,

“Vitalik proposes to store Ethereum blockchain data on Bitcoin Cash. Terrible idea imo: nobody uses BCash and it has the same mining algo as Bitcoin, making it extremely vulnerable to 51% attacks.”

The Co-founder of blockchain consulting firm, Catallaxy, Francis POULIOT, had termed the team-up as “humiliating” and as something that would eventually “delay the scalability crisis.”

Image courtesy of Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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