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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help IoT in 2020

Manan Ghadawala

Have you ever played the top-rated game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)? Did you know the game joined hands with a company called Minkonet to leverage Artificial Intelligence to make the process of developing reels and creating anti-cheating algorithm automatic? In the same way, the Internet of Things is something that is attracting a lot of attention. It is fascinating, and it makes people wonder if households and industries powered by IoT are possible. 50 billion devices — from TVs and smartphones, trucks and pipelines — will be linked by 2020, and the market for IoT is estimated to generate 11.1 trillion USD by 2025.

Therefore, it is easy to see that both these technologies — AI and IoT — are going to have massive impacts in the future on behaviours, structures, and transactions.

What is AI and IoT?

24-06-2019 16:31:09  |   Technology
AI is the duplication of processes of human intelligence by machines, specifically computer systems. These processes involve learning, reasoning, and self-correction. AI can understand human speech, recognize speech, faces, and objects, and process natural language, among other things. AI can be used in defence and military, the gaming industry, automotive industry, and healthcare, among others.

Internet of Things, in the simplest term, is when you connect your equipment, machinery, vehicles, infrastructure, and appliance with actuators, software, electronic systems, and sensors to transfer data. IoT forms a linked ecosystem to gather or transfer data, and then this data is transformed into value using AI, analytics, or machine learning. IoT is being applied in transportations, manufacturing, wearables, agriculture, homes, etc. Data has vast has 1.7 megabytes will be produced every second for each person on earth by 2020, and 99.5% of this data is never analyzed. Thus, for this complexity and amount are increasing every day, and this where AI becomes beneficial.

Artificial Intelligence Plus the Internet of Things

The main reason as to why AI has the potential to expand initiatives driven by IoT is its capability to select insights from massive volumes of data. And in this world driven by data, this makes sense. It offers solutions, predictions, and recommendations. AI can evaluate massive amounts of data within minutes and produce significant results. It also provides rapid and real-time response. To determine the plan, AI allows real-time answers and processing when linked with IoT devices.

Let us take a closer look into how some industries and sectors are already implementing AI into IoT.

  • Smart Decisions

When devices detect external conditions due to any mistakes, it requires to know when and how to respond or whether to react on its own or if it needs human help. It needs decision-making abilities and intelligent learning to make smart decisions. Google uses this method in the algorithm of RankBrain.

  • Healthcare

06-12-2018 15:10:00  |   Technology
In healthcare, AI and IoT together can advance patient care. Sensors from healthcare/medical devices such as fitness trackers, online medical records, and mobile apps produce and store data. The AI and IoT method can help in predicting diseases, track heart rate, physical activity, temperature, and determine health problems, among others. There are so many benefits doctors can get from this method.

  • Forecasting

Accurate predictions can help farmers plan the best days for harvesting or farming. Airplane or train schedules entirely rely on weather charts to accommodate unexpected weather. Businesses that depend on weather can employ resource and labor accurately. AI can assist in making more precise forecasting.


AI and IoT have a critical role to play in the future. Various factors are enforcing the increasing demand for technologies in governments and industries. Technologists, engineers, and scientists have already begun implementing the approach at multiple levels.

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