CFTC Approved the Application of LedgerX to Offer Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures
The approval of this application, which was first filed in November 2018, means that the company can now list derivative contracts for bitcoins
26 June 2019 09:10, UTC
US National Cancer Institute Approves Blockchain For Data Sharing Project
The exchange of medical data and blockchain have the potential to modernize the healthcare system, providing faster and more accurate access to information
25 June 2019 11:06, UTC
Malta Plans To Register All Rent Agreements On Blockchain
According to Joseph Muscat, this initiative provides security, prevents falsification of records and provides access only to authorized persons
25 June 2019 08:51, UTC
How Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Customer Service
With the help of an app development company, smaller companies can scale up and larger companies can remain profitable
24 June 2019 13:31, UTC Harnil Oza
Trading Bots are Running Wild on Crypto Exchanges
Since the start of crypto dealing, the bots have existed to make things stress-free for people who are new in business or have other matters to handle while they invest in crypto
24 June 2019 11:22, UTC
Israeli Police Arrest Suspects in the 2016 Bitfinex Hack
Two brothers are accused of systematically stealing cryptocurrency for a long time by maliciously gaining access to the accounts of other users
24 June 2019 09:29, UTC
Latin America Banks Test Ripple xCurrent
These financial institutions include Banesco Panamá and Scotiabank Chile. Currently, the mentioned banks are testing the blockchain technology
24 June 2019 08:46, UTC
Bitcoin Ready To Take 10K? Crypto Market Cap Reached 300 Bln
FOMO wave is gradually gaining momentum. Many market players are in a hurry to give their comments on the current bullish trend
21 June 2019 13:32, UTC
How to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange
As you know, great competition stands for high margins. Learn how to set up your cryptocurrency exchange, where to find investors and how long the whole process will last
21 June 2019 10:55, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Firefox Vulnerability Was Used For An Attempt to Attack Coinbase
Coinbase discovered the attack on Monday, and then told Mozilla about the detection and blocking of the hacking attempt. This is what prompted Mozilla to release a patch for the code.
21 June 2019 09:19, UTC
How to Become a Bitcoin Billionaire
In this article, BNT will describe several ways to make money using cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Just don't take it too seriously!
20 June 2019 13:38, UTC Aleksandre BV
Guest posts
Decentralised Finance As a New Financial Sector
Learn the definition of decentralised finance, how the decentralised finance sector differs from the traditional finance sector and what are use-case of decentralised finance
20 June 2019 11:11, UTC Sandris Murins
Malaysia Looking for Talents: Work Visas Program for Blockchain Specialists Has Been Launched
The goal of the program is to attract foreign specialists who will be eligible to stay in the country for up to 12 months to provide services related to the blockchain tech
20 June 2019 10:05, UTC
Brazil Tightens Control Over Cryptocurrency Transactions
The Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) has released new rules requiring crypto exchanges to inform the regulator of user transactions
20 June 2019 08:12, UTC
Bruno Le Maire Demands Guarantees From Facebook Libra
Minister of Economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Maire, known for his loyal attitude to cryptocurrency, said that he would “ask for guarantees” from the social network
19 June 2019 14:41, UTC
Litecoin Foundation To Create a Debit Card For Everyday Payments
The new product is called Litecoin BlockCard and is a joint project of Litecoin, Bibox Exchange and Ternio
19 June 2019 13:53, UTC
Guest posts
Defining and Dealing with Digital Assets in Bankruptcy
There is continuing legal uncertainty concerning the approach towards cryptocurrency as an asset, however steps are being taken which will help form a consistent approach
18 June 2019 15:00, UTC Karoline Gore
Polish Banking Giant Alior Uses Ethereum Blockchain In Services
According to the statement, the financial company has taken a bold step, using the public Ethereum blockchain to authenticate documents
18 June 2019 14:25, UTC
Report: China, USA and Hong Kong Miners Control 70% Of the Market
Mining pools have a huge impact on the industry, and countries such as China, the United States and Russia compete for their deployment on their territories
18 June 2019 09:52, UTC
Crisis in Argentina: Investors Massively Convert Pesos to Bitcoins
Will the cryptocurrency and its legal status become an instrument of political struggle in Argentina? Anything is possible in such situation
17 June 2019 14:49, UTC