Study: The Number of Google Scholar Articles on Bitcoin Is Over 13,700
In 2014, 2,070 academic articles were recorded on the Internet, and to date the number has increased by 561%
26 December 2019 12:37, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Korean Stablecoin Terra Gains Popularity amid Partnership with CU Retailer
The popularity of the cryptocurrency, acting as a payment system for the CU retail network, may indicate growing recognition
25 December 2019 14:27, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Chinese Police Report Raids Against Illegal Crypto Activities
Police arrested more than 6,800 pieces of mining equipment in the city of Tangshan. Also, on Monday, 72 representatives of the Cloud Token project were detained on fraud charges
25 December 2019 11:26, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Italian Lombardy is Leading in AI Development in the EU
Lombardy has not been chosen for financing by chance: the region was able to spend European funds as efficiently as possible on the promotion and implementation of projects agreed with the EU
25 December 2019 07:54, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Craig Wright Demystifies the Satoshi Nakamoto Name
The notorious crypto celebrity claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself has revealed the meaning behind this stage name in an interview
24 December 2019 13:06, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Guest posts
Monetizing Crypto Websites: Options and Possibilities
In this article, we’d like to showcase a couple of methods that crypto websites use to monetize their platforms and continue delivering the quality products they are known for
24 December 2019 11:10, UTC Konstantin Rabin
CBoC: Digital Yuan Tests are Completed, the Currency Is Not for Speculation
Mu Changchun called the central bank's new currency the “digital renminbi” and said there would be no speculation about its value
24 December 2019 08:27, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Ripple’s Top Managers Voiced Their Expectations from the Crypto Market in 2020
CEO Brad Garlinghouse, as well as several leading company managers, shared their ideas on what will happen in the coming year with the cryptocurrency market
23 December 2019 11:31, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Report from the Future: What Will Happen in the Tech World in 2020?
BNT analyzed the plans of high-tech companies, listened to the rumors and opinions of experts and decided to present the events you should definitely pay attention to next year
23 December 2019 09:20, UTC Aleksandre B
IoT and 5G: Is the Smartness of Smart Cities Being Compromised?
With advantages also come disadvantages, risks involved with 5G and the vast connectivity network of IoT are immense. Cyber-attacks can become a matter of life and death
20 December 2019 15:00, UTC Khalid Durrani
SEC To Update “Accredited Investor” Definition, Can Affect Crypto Market
Proposed amendments to the definition of an accredited investor will add new categories of individuals based on professional knowledge, experience and certificates
20 December 2019 13:24, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Iran Proposes to Create a Muslim Cryptocurrency
Iranian President proposed financial cooperation between Muslim countries, including trade in local currencies and the creation of a single Muslim cryptocurrency
20 December 2019 09:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Stratis Launches Security Token Offering (STO) Platform
The Stratis STO platform has been built through dialogue with clients that are engaging with the US SEC guidelines, ensuring it is compliant with regulations
19 December 2019 12:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Lael Brainard Says Half of the Bitcoin Transactions are Illegal
A member of the United States Federal Reserve Board of Governors believes that 50% of all Bitcoin transactions around the world are illegal and have criminal intent
19 December 2019 11:19, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Guest posts
Are Centralized Exchanges the New Big Banks?
Last week DigiByte’s founder took to twitter with some harsh words targeting centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. In response, Poloniex delisted Digibyte (DGB) from its exchange
19 December 2019 07:46, UTC Hans Koning
Kraken Exchange Acquires Circle Trade
According to the founders of Circle, the sale is part of the product roadmap for 2020. The company says they need to focus on the development of their stablecoin
18 December 2019 14:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Kaspersky Discloses Data About Crypto Cybersecurity in 2019
According to the company, the number of attacks in 2019 rose by nearly 14%, but the “attack share” of crypto-mining attacks has fallen drastically
18 December 2019 12:52, UTC Denis Goncharenko
HitBTC Scammers Arrested in Canada
Two HitBTC scammers have been arrested in Canada for impersonating customer service representatives of the crypto exchange
18 December 2019 09:51, UTC Denis Goncharenko
2019: Failures and Frustrations of the Digital Economy
Here we speak about events and trends of the outgoing year that seem important to us because of the negative effect that they have had on the entire digital economy
18 December 2019 07:56, UTC Aleksandre B