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Your Own Blockchain. Stage 3: Promotion

Aleksandre B

04-12-2019 09:35:12  |   Technology
Does it make sense to talk about promoting blockchain projects separately from others? After all, marketing is a universal means of building relationships with any customers of any enterprise. Though we believe that the blockchain industry exists in special conditions that need to be considered by those who are thinking about finding participants for their projects.

Users are not customers

Users for blockchain projects are not just an audience; they are not ordinary customers, they are a source of strength and the main characters. The more of them, the stronger the project. It’s kind of a difference, apart from a traditional business, when buyers make a profit, allowing owners to grow rich and invest in growth.

04-02-2020 09:35:36  |   Technology
Blockchain is a decentralized structure that is supported by all participants. Almost nothing depends on the individual, but when there is a network of elements, then strength grows and advantages multiply. This is exactly what you need to do with the audience of decentralized projects — it is this feature that excludes traditional marketing.

Gray area

All crypto activities face a dilemma with regulators and authorities. Blockchain projects are almost impossible to ban and very difficult to regulate, but at the same time they cannot be openly resolved. The reason is in the essence of decentralized organizations: there is no center, there is no concentrated spot to influence. It is a threat to traditional organizations: independent projects can provoke destabilization and disruption of the order which is beneficial to current leaders.

All this led to the situation when blockchain projects exist in the gray zone: not permitted, but not prohibited. It is most clearly demonstrated by the accessibility of promotion channels: the prohibition of advertising on popular social networks and the unspoken blocking of videos on the hosting of the online giant.

Striking the basics

Enterprises operating in traditional business compete with each other in a strictly defined framework. They use the familiar model, convenient for everyone: for regulators, for market participants, for the broad masses of consumers. In this scheme, everyone knows their roles and can perform, counting on a predictable order of things.

Blockchain projects, on the other hand, compete with traditional organizations outside the familiar system: they attack the very essence of a centralized world. The decentralized model does not recognize authority and challenges the hierarchy in which customers are the fuel. For blockchain projects, users are full participants. Community is the King.

Exposing Focus

The advantages of the blockchain, its implementation of independence and benefits to the participants — all this should be clear to users. The promotion of blockchain projects should be principally based on irrefutable evidence of data integrity and should not require blind faith. This means that it is important to be able to explain the essence of the project to users. The problem is that every attempt to simplify the technical details becomes like exposing a trick: “There is something incomprehensible here, then something else unknown is added here, and in the end it turns out something beautiful.”

In order for users to understand, they need a technical knowledge base. Anyone who talks about a blockchain project must be pretty artistic, revealing technical knowledge layer by layer, risking to bore or confuse the audience.

Strange people and criminals

18-11-2019 14:58:27  |   Technology
All of the above-mentioned features attract crazy people to the blockchain industry. Developers and founders of honest blockchain projects have to take this into account when promoting: you need to compete for the attention of users in an environment that is full of freaks, scammers and outright criminals.

Sometimes it seems that the reputation of the crypto industry is hopelessly disrupted. The creators of numerous scams, pyramids, and other criminal schemes have put a lot of effort into this. It seems that this state of affairs is beneficial for centralized organizations, because this method is most effective in their struggle against blockchain projects, creating a dirty and almost indecent atmosphere around it.


This article is not a collection of practical tips for a blockchain marketer. We tried to describe the situation in which crypto enthusiasts find themselves, looking for users and participants. Understanding these things will help to avoid mistakes and direct your efforts more accurately.

Image courtesy of Pioneering Minds

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