Bitmain’s Largest Shareholder Sacked, Bitcoin Cash Grows Impressively
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soared 10% after reports that Bitmain is removing its co-founder Micree Zhan
29 October 2019 11:01, UTC
Fight To Fame Is Combining Blockchain Tech With Something You Wouldn't Expect
Blockchain is now brought to professional fighting, the results are bound to be surprising
28 October 2019 14:15, UTC Ian Marchewski
World Wide Fund for Nature Unveils Impactio
WWF believes that the Ethereum-based blockchain will help increase fundraising to achieve the goals set by the UN
28 October 2019 13:36, UTC
Crypto Capital Executive Charged with Fraud, Bitfinex Calls Itself an Aggrieved Party
The exchange distances itself from money laundering, while international law enforcement officers figure out the frauds of Crypto Capital
28 October 2019 11:05, UTC
The Creators of Waves and GHP Group Launch a Joint Venture
A joint project will perform in Russia with headquarters in Moscow. According to Alexander Ivanov, logistics is one of the most promising sectors for blockchain
25 October 2019 14:31, UTC
Guest posts
How Crypto Lets Us Monetize Our Most Valuable Assets: Data and Time
Public discourse around the idea of data privacy and control of data is gaining momentum following cases of repeated hacks and exposures of vast initiatives to harvest user data
25 October 2019 13:16, UTC Chris Gale
Bitcoin: the Case For and Against
While we’re no longer seeing the storm of hype and enthusiasm around bitcoin and other cryptos that we were 18 months ago, that’s arguably a sign that it’s more accepted than ever
25 October 2019 08:51, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The City of Johannesburg Becomes a Victim of Bitcoin Ransom
The city of Johannesburg in South Africa, also known as Joburg experienced a very serious cyberattack on Thursday, October 24th, with the hackers demanding a ransom of 4 Bitcoins
25 October 2019 08:30, UTC
Guest posts
How Consumer Benefits are Helping to Drive the Digital Banking Revolution
The emerging digital banking sector is on a winning streak this year, with some big tech startups securing massive funding rounds from large-scale investors. What are the reasons?
24 October 2019 11:30, UTC Vance Carver
SoftBank and IBM Team Up to Develop Innovative Blockchain Solutions
SoftBank develops blockchain solutions, focusing on technologies that will allow smartphone users to make payments when traveling abroad as well as in roaming
24 October 2019 10:00, UTC
Zuckerberg Advocates Libra as the Perfect Opponent to Chinese Digital Currency
The CEO of Facebook pushed the idea that the Libra Association is the best tool to combat growing Chinese digital presence
24 October 2019 08:32, UTC
Draft Bill in the US Could Classify Stablecoins as Securities
The bill is clearly directed towards Facebook’s Libra which has a planned launch in 2020 once the SEC, as well as the CFTC, decides that it’s time for regulatory approval
24 October 2019 06:43, UTC
Ethereum Prices Above $170 Still Look Weak
Yesterday, prices couldn’t breach above the moving average and the trend line above the $178 level. Market sentiment is bearish with investors expecting the ETH/USD to keep falling
23 October 2019 11:30, UTC Carolane de Palmas
Ripple Opens Office in Washington, DC
Ripple Labs opened an office in the US capital, making it the first blockchain technology company to have a regulatory team in Washington, DC
23 October 2019 08:28, UTC
Binance To Sell Cryptocurrency for Russian Rubles
Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance is ready to launch fiat trading for its customers, as CEO Changpeng Zhao announced it at the Open Innovations conference
22 October 2019 14:12, UTC
Is Blockchain Gaining Momentum in the Automotive Sector?
Blockchain technology has opened a world of innovative opportunities by allowing automakers to test new ways and add exciting features to future cars. The technology is gaining momentum in the automotive sector
22 October 2019 09:46, UTC Evie Harrison
Bitmain Launches New Texas Mining Farm
The facility is designed for a capacity of 50 megawatts (MW). At the same time, Bitmain says it seeks to expand the station's capabilities to 300 MW
22 October 2019 07:51, UTC
Summary of 2019: Personal Data Continues to Leak
Global data leaks are increasingly occurring; the amount of information flowing away to intruders or simply becoming accessible to anyone is growing
22 October 2019 06:48, UTC Aleksandre B
Libra moves slowly and carefully. How do regulators respond?
Despite the large partners leaving the game, 21 organizations signed the charter of the Libra Association in Geneva. At the same time, Libra continues to be harshly criticized
21 October 2019 11:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Bittrex Suspends Service in 31 Jurisdictions
The trading platform substantiated its decision on the basis of regulatory uncertainty in these countries. Traders were informed to withdraw funds
21 October 2019 08:35, UTC