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Quebec Regulator Announced New Rules For Crypto Mining
30 April 2019 09:05, UTC
According to the new rules, the regulator obliged the energy supplier Hydro-Quebec to allocate 300 MW of energy for the needs of the blockchain industry
Zeux Application Now Supports NEO
29 April 2019 14:56, UTC
Now NEO owners can pay with the cryptocurrency for goods and services of all sellers who accept Apple and Samsung Pay worldwide
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Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Getting Wrapped Up for the May Show
29 April 2019 14:46, UTC
Top blockchain industry titans are announced in the speaker line-up
Italian Bank Bets On FinTech To Attract ‘Digital Generation’
29 April 2019 11:05, UTC
Italian bank BPER is working on a project to create a platform for the provision of financial services using fintech; investments of 27 mln euros are to be allocated
Guest posts
Is Delisting BSV Personal Or Good Business Ethics?
29 April 2019 08:27, UTC Hans Koning
There is an interesting question to be asked, and Hans Koning, as the “blockchain governance guy”, has to ask it: is this delisting a legitimate business decision?
Samsung Representative Commented On Rumors About Samsung Coin
29 April 2019 07:32, UTC
Samsung SDS Head of Business Development and Fintech in Europe announced that the company is really discussing this issue
Brazilian Сrypto Industry: Interest Is Growing, Regulation Is Stagnating
26 April 2019 13:09, UTC Denis Goncharenko, Pablo Ramalho
Regulators are still not active in the development of crypto industry in the country. Everything is carried forward by enthusiasts who face different barriers
Platincoin (PLC) To Be Accepted In 200,000 Outlets Equipped With Cyclebit Payment Terminals
26 April 2019 09:58, UTC
Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, Platincoin is the fifth coin that will be available for settlements via Cyclebit payment terminals in Europe and Asia
Wirex Payment Platform To Launch 26 Stablecoins On Stellar Blockchain
26 April 2019 07:36, UTC
The Stablecoins will be backed with fiat currencies, including the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, the Hong Kong dollar, the Singapore dollar, etc.
Does Great Britain Risk Becoming Completely Cashless?
25 April 2019 14:37, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
In London, there is a dominance of high-tech banks that crowd traditional financial institutions out. The UK became the European avant-garde in the field of electronic payments
Bitspark To Issue Stablecoin Pegged to the Philippine Peso
25 April 2019 13:49, UTC
Australian technology startup Okra Solar based in Cambodia is planned to be the first company to use peg.PHP
Guest posts
Five Incredible Blockchain Use Cases
25 April 2019 11:26, UTC R.R. Hauxley
Innovators continue developing blockchain use cases that leave people saying “how did they come up with that?” and “I wish I had that idea.” Here are several such blockchain uses
Ripple Releases Report for Q1 2019 Amid XRP Downfall
25 April 2019 07:58, UTC
The report provides information on the amount of XRP coins taken out of the escrow account, as well as the company's financial progress and XRP market updates
Justin Sun From Tron Announces Partnership With Liverpool FC
24 April 2019 11:17, UTC
Although the details of the partnership were not revealed, there is no doubt that the cooperation will allow Tron to outrun the competitors in terms of public awareness
Ledger Integrates Support For Binance Chain
24 April 2019 08:42, UTC
Ledger had previously been testing out the Binance testnet and since then adapted to the new blockchain. In addition, the private key storage system has been improved
Six Promising Blockchain Projects and the Ideas Behind Them
23 April 2019 14:08, UTC Julia Beyers
Innovative ideas that underlie the reviewed projects can radically change a number of industries — from crypto trading to online gaming. What are they?
Civic Enters the Vending Machine Market, Cooperates With 12 Major Players
23 April 2019 13:24, UTC
Six partners control more than one mln vending machines connected to the Internet. and Civic plans to introduce identification technology and crypto payments
VeChain To On-Board Deloitte
23 April 2019 07:34, UTC
The consulting giant will develop solutions for the VeChainThor network, deciding to migrate from Ethereum. The news was announced at the VeChain Summit 2019 in San Francisco
Mt.Gox Announces The ‘Self-Approved Rehabilitation Claim’ For Exchange Users
22 April 2019 14:26, UTC
It seems that in the case of Mt.Gox bankruptcy and claim assessments comes some kind of certainty: the exchange plans to return bitcoins to owners, at least, partly
201 Banks Join JPMorgan Chase Permissioned Blockchain
22 April 2019 09:19, UTC
The list of banking partners is very diverse and includes companies from around the world, including the Royal Bank of Canada, the Indian ICICI Bank, the Islamic Bank of Sharjah and others

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