EU vs Stablecoins: Ban or Control?
No global stablecoins project will start operating in the European Union until the risks for monetary sovereignty are excluded, regulators warn
06 December 2019 12:57, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Deutsche Bank Strategist: Cryptos to Become the Main Financial Agents by 2030
According to research called “Imagine 2030”, which is a publication from the Deutsche Bank, the world is already moving towards cryptocurrencies at a faster and more accelerated rate
06 December 2019 11:39, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Study: Blockchain Сould Save $450 Bln in Logistics in Western Europe
Cointelegraph Consulting and Insolar collaborated to investigate the problems that corporate firms face in managing supply chains
05 December 2019 14:13, UTC Denis Goncharenko
France To Launch a Digital Asset in Q1 2020
This was announced by the head of the Bank of France during his speech at ACPR, the French regulatory agency for banks and insurance companies
05 December 2019 09:37, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The Largest Seize: $1.5 Mln Worth of Crypto Arrested by Australian Border Police
The largest seize of cryptocurrency assets in the world occurred yesterday, being taken away by the police from a couple trying to cross the Australian border
04 December 2019 13:47, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Juventus Launched the World's First FTO
In partnership with a startup company Socios, Juventus has minted JUV tokens to vote on various issues related to the life of the team
04 December 2019 11:14, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Your Own Blockchain: Difficult, But Very Desirable
In this series of articles, BNT would like to speak about some important steps that should be done before you start and run your blockchain project successfully
04 December 2019 06:35, UTC Aleksandre B
Singapore-supported Blockchain Platform Fundraised $15.7 Mln In New Round
In a recent press release, Tribe Accelerator said that to date, a total of $28 million has been raised to support blockchain startups from around the world
03 December 2019 14:17, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Another Winter Casualty: CryptoBridge Decentralized Exchange Announced Its Closure
In its announcement, CryptoBridge says it cannot finance further development due to market conditions and increased market requirements
03 December 2019 09:36, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Famous Analyst Unveils Idea for New Cryptocurrency Ranking System
Analyst Aat de Kwaasteniet believes that evaluating cryptocurrencies by capitalization is “fictitious” — he offers an alternative method for evaluating and ranking projects
02 December 2019 11:13, UTC
Ripple Unlocks 1 Bln XRP Again: Is There A Change For The Better?
In December 2017, Ripple announced that it had blocked 55 billion XRP on escrow account and these tokens will be released at a rate of 1 billion XRP per month over several years
02 December 2019 07:42, UTC Denis Goncharenko
German Banks Will be Permitted to Buy, Sell and Store Digital Assets
Financial institutions in Germany will be able to provide digital assets to their clients — currently it is prohibited for banks and other companies
29 November 2019 13:35, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Bitmain Presents Antminer 17 Models While Having an Ongoing Conflict Inside Company
The key goal of the company, according to Cihan Wu, today is an ongoing study of equipment capabilities
29 November 2019 09:38, UTC Denis Goncharenko
IOTA (MIOTA) DID Will Be Integrated with Yallvend Vending Equipment
The collaboration is aimed at the introduction of decentralized identifiers (DID) to make identification more secure and reliable
28 November 2019 13:25, UTC Denis Goncharenko
India Plans to Create National Blockchain Infrastructure
India followed similar blockchain decisions made last month by Chinese President Xi Jinping
28 November 2019 09:17, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Benoit Coeuré Warned of Europe’s Risk of Losing Economical Edge
According to the politician, Europe needs its own scheme, whether on the basis of a blockchain or another system. The ECB and other banks are exploring the idea of ​​a digital currency
27 November 2019 14:31, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Guest posts
5 Steps for Trading Cryptocurrencies for Beginners
Cryptocurrencies can be confusing, unpredictable and frustrating unless you know how to deal with them. Here are five simple steps if you’re new to the sphere
27 November 2019 12:41, UTC Michael Dehoyos
South Korea Prepared a New Bill to Regulate Digital Assets
South Korea's National Policy Committee passed a bill according to which cryptocurrencies are classified as digital assets
27 November 2019 08:27, UTC
Italian Ministry of Economic Development To Use Blockchain To Protect SMEs
A pilot project developed jointly with IBM and a number of Italian textile and high fashion enterprises is aimed at protecting manufacturers from counterfeiting
26 November 2019 14:56, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii