Telegram Will Not Integrate Crypto Wallet Yet; Lawsuit Proceeds
Telegram will not integrate the cryptocurrency wallet into the messenger application until it receives approval from US regulatory authorities
08 January 2020 09:18, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Decentralization Receded in 2019, Although It Was In Great Demand
The contradiction of the modern world: with all the need for decentralization, this idea is losing its position in the crypto industry
07 January 2020 13:00, UTC Aleksandre B
First Week of 2020: Crypto Market Capitalization is Growing
Over the past week, bitcoin has grown by almost 10%; it is currently trading at 7903 US dollars. Mining complexity peaked on January 1
07 January 2020 11:36, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Argo Blockchain To Increase Mining Capacity by 204% In Q1 2020
More than 3,600 new Bitmain devices will be launched in the near future, another 6384 the company plans to launch before the end of the quarter
03 January 2020 12:16, UTC Denis Goncharenko
OKEx Reports a Record Trading Volume of Derivatives
Currently, the exchange offers more than 400 pairs of tokens and futures, allowing users to optimize their strategies
03 January 2020 11:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko
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Game Review of Enchanted Prince Slot
Many that play Enchanted Prince Slot often get surprised at the relative lack of fairy-tale games on the market, something that therefore makes it an even more exciting proposition
02 January 2020 14:41, UTC
Turkish Takasbank Launched a Blockchain Project for Digital Gold-Backed Assets
BiGA Digital Gold system, first announced in September 2019, allows banks to use blockchain to transfer digital assets representing physical gold
02 January 2020 11:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
VeChain Reaches Consensus on Burning Stolen Tokens
VeChain project completed its first ever All-stakeholders Voting with the participation of all interested parties, as a result of which 727 million VET tokens were “burned”
02 January 2020 10:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
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Biggest Slot Jackpots in the 20th and 21st Century
Did you know that some of the biggest casino wins in history have come from slots? Well, view these jackpot games with the biggest slot jackpots in history to find out
31 December 2019 21:00, UTC
Poloniex Confirms Passwords Resets Due to Personal Data Leaks
Customers began to suspect that the email from Poloniex was fraudulent, and the crypto exchange support service had to explain that the email was real
31 December 2019 10:07, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Monzo Neobank Plans to Raise Another £50-100 Mln in 2020
According to the FT, Monzo has been negotiating with investors since the investment round in June, during which the neobank managed to raise $143 million
31 December 2019 10:03, UTC Denis Goncharenko
What’s Going On with Lifestyle Ecosystems?
Lifestyle ecosystem is a “one-stop shop” that opens in a mobile application and allows to use not only banking products, but to purchase a wide variety of services and goods
31 December 2019 08:24, UTC Yuri Pakhomov
Italian Banks and Digital Lending: a Test of Strength
In the words of Italian financial market operators, fintech is "the space for finding opportunities." Are there any successes in this sphere?
30 December 2019 14:09, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Crypto Market: the Review of 2019
Bitnewstoday publishes annual cryptocurrency market statistics. We present you how the prices of bitcoin and altcoins changed during 2019
30 December 2019 09:45, UTC Margareth Nail
AI Can Be Pleased With the Performance in 2019
This article is devoted to significant events and trends in the artificial intelligence field that took place this year
30 December 2019 07:00, UTC Aleksandre B
The French AMF Has Published Licensing Rules for Crypto Companies
The Financial Markets Authority has published licensing rules for digital asset service providers, as well as guidelines for firms applying for an optional license
27 December 2019 14:22, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Italy and Big Data: Agriculture 4.0 Accounts for 430 Mln Euros
Most Italian agricultural sector operators are actively using the agrotech system in order to switch to innovative agricultural production
27 December 2019 11:31, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Bahamas To Launch Digital Currency Pilot Project
Residents of the Exuma district can register in the Sand Dollar project today with the Central Bank of the Bahamas, to receive mobile wallets
27 December 2019 08:36, UTC Denis Goncharenko
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A Brief Guide on 0% Loans and How it Works
While it may be a challenge to comprehend the concept of a loan with no financial charge associated with it, in recent years, some banks in the UK have started offering a 0% loan
26 December 2019 15:36, UTC
Uzbekistan Bans Crypto Purchases
This was shocking news for the local crypto investors because the country was seemingly heading towards a more crypto-friendly reality
26 December 2019 13:44, UTC Denis Goncharenko