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8 Essential Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2020

Amanda Jerelyn

Different cryptocurrencies are on the market, and you should invest in them. Also, before investing, you must know the basics of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. People are investing much in this digital asset, and the size of the blockchain is growing exponentially year to year. According to the latest stats, the size has reached around 242 GBs in the third quarter of 2019.


Although there are multiple cryptocurrencies to invest in the upcoming years, here you will find the most significant out of them:

1. Ripple (XPR)

Ripple is the significant cryptocurrency for the financial and banking institutions. It enables these institutions to make transactions securely at low service costs. It also allows you to make transactions in a quick time without changing your cash currency. If you have Chinese yen and want to transfer the amount to Germany in euros, then Ripple is the best choice for you. It will convert your currency that is Yen to XPR and then XPR to euros. Some predictors say that Ripple will soon be all in all digital technology used by Visa and Western Union. There are two platforms used by Ripple that are Poloniex and Kraken.

2. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is one of the most famous and fascinating cryptocurrencies with many features, including a faster information transfer rate. It is much cheaper than Ethereum and Bitcoin but having the position of one of the long-term altcoins. Investors become confused between Litecoin and Bitcoin as both are like silver and gold respectively. They both have their own place in the market. Litecoin has focused on reducing the time of transactions from peer to peer. Less time will facilitate users much, and it will force you to invest in it.

3. Ethereum (ETH)

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After Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrency is Ethereum. It is much younger than other currencies, but it has been famous in the last two years. According to investing, it current price is about 176 US dollars, and it firmly holds second place after Bitcoin. Experts have claimed that the Ethereum cryptocurrency can reach Bitcoin in the coming years. But we do not agree with them as Ethereum will have a long journey to reach Bitcoin. Also, Ethereum is facing problems that will take some time to resolve. However, due to its rapid growth, companies are investing a lot in it.

4. Verge (XVG)

In 2019, Verge is also one of the cryptocurrencies which have risen in the market of digital currencies. It is also predicted that it will get a higher rank in 2020. Verge has many security protocols that allow users to make quick transactions in real-time. It also offers many secure mobile wallets for mobile security.

5. NEO

Investors should invest in NEO as the infrastructure of NEO potentially strong. In a piece of marketing dissertation, it is extracted that companies do profitable business which has the potential infrastructure. The cost of NEO will significantly jump high if the Chinese government joins it as it is under discussion. NEO is working on the idea of altcoin Ethereum and keen to improve further by integrating its mission and vision. Due to the potential work by NEO, it has obtained the reputation of "Ethereum Killer”. Currently, it is at the cost of around 15 US dollars, and it will grow rapidly by 2020.

6. Pundi X

It is a fact that the bitcoin market is much higher under the domain of cryptocurrency. Despite that, Pundi X is working hard to touch the heights. It is growing slowly and gradually. Pundi X has changed the entire business of retail with POS (Point of sale), a blockchain-based technology. It allows investors and businessmen to sell, purchase, and acknowledge transactions through this digital/virtual currency.

7. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the dominant cryptocurrency above all other digital currencies. It rules over the digital currency market the same as star lord jacket rules over all other jackets. Currently, Bitcoin reached the level of 9,000 US dollars that are really a high rate. Bitcoin celebrated its 11th birthday on the 3rd of Jan 2020. It is a firm and most popular cryptocurrency and you will get a lot of profit if you invest in it.

8. Stellar (XLM)

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Stellar (XLM) is being demanded by financial institutions as well as big enterprises. It has made a partnership with KlickEx and IBM. Due to this partnership, many banks have installed blockchain technology of Stellar to manage multiple transactions. Stellar allows you to exchange your transactions and other assets globally. Stellar price is about 0.06 US dollars by the end of January 2020, and it is forecasted by many experts to grow in 2020.

(Disclaimer: This article does not qualify as investment advice or suggest anything to do with investment. Anyone thinking of investing in cryptocurrency should be aware of the risks and be prepared to lose their entire investment.)

About the Author:

Amanda Jerelyn understands the technicalities of investment in cryptocurrency. She usually gives personal consultancy to investors. Currently, Amanda is working as Technical Head at a well-known essay writers service.

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