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Aon Initiates Insurance Products for Digital Assets
11 June 2019 12:36, UTC
A group consisting mainly of European insurers will offer an insurance product to institutions using the SILO Metaco solution for online and offline wallets
The Year-High Number of Installed Bitcoin ATMs Is Hit in May 2019
11 June 2019 11:19, UTC
This is due to the fact that since the end of the bear market, new ATMs have been installed more often, and it is expected that their number will increase
Time To Future-Proof Yourself with Automation, AI and Machine Learning
11 June 2019 07:06, UTC Rooney Reeves
From a business perspective, integrating these technologies is no more a passing fad; it has become a norm. Let us have a look at what these tech jargons actually mean
New Airdrop Captured Nearly 60% of Ethereum's Network
10 June 2019 14:20, UTC
At the same time, gas consumption has reached its record levels
SEC Chairman Answered Questions Concerning the Regulation of the Crypto Industry
07 June 2019 12:38, UTC
Many crypto enthusiasts believe that the Commission deliberately resists the creation of a clear regulatory framework
Guest posts
Biggest Jackpot Wins in History
07 June 2019 11:14, UTC
Although casino jackpots don’t usually offer sums of money that rival those of say, the lottery the figures can still be ludicrously high especially if they are part of a progressive
Kodak To Launch a Blockchain-based Document Management System
07 June 2019 07:56, UTC
Unlike previous projects, the Kodak Document Management Platform is not licensed by a third party and is a Kodak product
Challenge Accepted: SEC Filed Charges Against Kik Interactive (KIN)
06 June 2019 14:32, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against a popular project, and as a result, Kin cryptocurrency instantly fell in price by more than 30%
Notary and blockchain — the perfect combination?
06 June 2019 12:37, UTC Aleksandre B
The use of DLT technology in notarial services seems to be one of the most obvious applications. However, these services have not been widespread yet
Media: Facebook To Announce Own Cryptocurrency This Month
06 June 2019 09:46, UTC
The launch of cryptocurrency can help the company to diversify revenue, which today largely depends on the sale of advertising
Partners news
Crypto Valley Association Announces Additional Microsoft, Consensys, and Bitcoin Suisse Partnerships for Crypto Valley Conference 2019
06 June 2019 09:33, UTC
The speaker list for the event has been supplemented with representatives from the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Binance, Parity and more
Ripple Launches New Office in Switzerland
06 June 2019 08:36, UTC
Ripple is taking a new step for the development of the token: the company recently opened a new office in Zurich to sell XRP to institutional investors
AnChain Report: DApps Are Full of Bots
05 June 2019 14:44, UTC
AnChain uses artificial intelligence to detect any suspicious activity in dApps as well as to monitor transactions
Malaysian Securities Commission Has Registered Three Crypto Exchanges
05 June 2019 08:12, UTC
In accordance with the law, crypto exchanges must be registered by SC, and approved exchanges take up to nine months to achieve compliance with regulatory standards
Precedent: Israeli Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cryptocurrency Exchange
04 June 2019 12:15, UTC
Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Leumi Bank cannot block the account of the Bits of Gold cryptocurrency exchange on regulatory concerns
Guest posts
The Institutional Investor Interest in Bitcoin Is Increasing
04 June 2019 11:14, UTC Konstantin Rabin
The first time around that Bitcoin went through its massive growth in value is the time when the first large scale investors got interested in it as a useful tool for trading and as a good potential investment
The Restless And Reckless: How Craig Wright Incurres the Wrath Of Crypto Industry
03 June 2019 13:22, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Last month the self-proclaimed Satoshi submitted two applications to the US Copyright Office. A man called himself the author of white paper cryptocurrency and an earlier version of its code. What did it lead to?
Walmart Joins MediLedger Consortium To Implement Blockchain In Pharma Supplies
03 June 2019 11:22, UTC
This is a new step from Walmart to the inclusion of blockchain technologies in its business processes
Cardano Is Almost Ready to Launch Shelley
03 June 2019 08:45, UTC
First of all, Cardano is preparing to launch a testnet, which is expected to be deployed in June among a small pool of developers before the public release
Image of The Week, May, 27 — 31: The Street, News BTC, Bleeping Computer, and Others
31 May 2019 14:40, UTC Ian Marchewski
Another Satoshi wannabe, FedEx bets on blockchain and Aboriginal sold for bitcoins in our weekly crypto media roundup.

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