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Demand for Increasing Efficiency in Surgeries to Fuel Growth of Medical Robotics Market

Rohini Choudhary

Medical robotics is a technologically advanced rehabitalization, assistive, and surgical solution used mostly at the time of complicated surgical procedures. These robots are also widely used in hospital automation, and other physical complications. Medical robotics are also known as computer-assisted surgical systems which ensures accuracy in surgeries and also highly used for minimally invasive surgical procedures. These are mainly computer controlled electromechanical devices which follow and respond to the commands of surgeons. However, performing surgical procedures with the assistance of robotic technology is referred to as medical robotic systems.

Going forward, the global medical robotics market is anticipated to grow at a solid pace. It is projected to register a double digit CAGR of 21.0% from 2018-2026. This has been stated in a report on the market by Transparency Market Research.

Quest for Enhanced Operational Efficiency by Medical Professionals to Boost Market

Introduction of medical robotics in healthcare is revolutionizing the entire system. It ensures to 

deliver improved and better services to patients. Utilization of robotics in the medical field has reduced the distance barrier where the physicians can take special care to the patients without travelling to inaccessible areas. Such advantages are driving the global medical robotics market. Along with this, growing demand for medical robotics in critical surgeries such as orthopedic, cardiac, and neurosurgery, and rising demand for advanced medical facilities are also fueling demand. However, apart from being used in surgery, medical robotics are also highly employed in clinical management, pharmacy, and elderly care. Rising cases of various diseases, and increasing investments in research and development are also propelling growth in the global medical robotics market.

Frederic MOLL, who is also known as “Bill Gates of Robotics”, has put a high-tech spin on the endoscopy instrument with a robot. They call it the “Monarch Platform”. This robotic endoscope is operated with a device which looks similar to an Xbox game controller. This monarch endoscope can also be extended like a telescope. It is a flexible robotic device which gives doctors a direct view of patients’ internal organs. This medical robot is also equipped with software, which guides physicians to a specific part of the lung that they want to evaluate. Such USPs of medical robots are also boosting the growth in the global medical robotics market.

Rising Case of Medical Emergencies Stoke Demand in Medical Robotics Market

Telemedicine features have been utilized by many healthcare industries and hospitals for years. Now, medical robots support surgeons in the operating room through effectively advising their peers during an operation. Growing demand for monitoring patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital, and increasing need for eliminating travel times in medical emergency situations such as stroke are believed to boost the global market. In the medical field robots are specifically referred to as “medical telepresence robots”. These robots have many health-related applications added to their basic telepresence capabilities.

Rapid Emergence of New Technologies in North America to Contribute in Market Demand

Geographically, North America is expected to lead the global medical robotics market as the region has witnessed huge technological advancement. Increasing demand for innovative and user-friendly communications among physicians and rapid emergence of new technologies in healthcare could also be responsible for fueling the global medical robotics market in the region.

About the author

Rohini Choudhary is a Senior Executive working with Digital Marketing and Editorial Team of Transparency Market Research, a market intelligence firm based in India & USA. In the said role, she has actively contributed to building a winning content strategy leveraging right keywords, link building, market research & analysis, and competitor analysis. You can email her at corporate.hc2@transparencymarketresearch.com.

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