Fight To Fame Is Combining Blockchain Tech With Something You Wouldn't Expect
Blockchain is now brought to professional fighting, the results are bound to be surprising
28 October 2019 14:15, UTC Ian Marchewski
Is Blockchain Gaining Momentum in the Automotive Sector?
Blockchain technology has opened a world of innovative opportunities by allowing automakers to test new ways and add exciting features to future cars. The technology is gaining momentum in the automotive sector
22 October 2019 09:46, UTC Evie Harrison
Summary of 2019: Personal Data Continues to Leak
Global data leaks are increasingly occurring; the amount of information flowing away to intruders or simply becoming accessible to anyone is growing
22 October 2019 06:48, UTC Aleksandre B
Enterprise Blockchain Projects – Six Common Missteps
Learning from earlier failures and the mistakes that were made is key for enterprises. This guide has been constructed to highlight six common mistakes that are made frequently by them
17 October 2019 14:59, UTC Ellie Coverdale
Bots: Humans VS Machines
Companies need reliable communication with their users. In the modern world, automated systems are increasingly used for this purpose. This article provides a look at the origins, progress, and prospects of such systems
15 October 2019 07:15, UTC Aleksandre B
Big Data and BI: Failure Reports
In September 2019, Moscow hosted the conference “Big Data and BI Day”. Professionals openly share their failures and what to do with them
11 October 2019 06:55, UTC Yuri Pakhomov
AI in 2019: 7 Trends Every Business Must Focus On
While companies are adopting AI to push growth, this is high time for all of them to take a comprehensive look at the unfolding trends in the world of AI
26 September 2019 14:00, UTC Atman Rathod
Japanese Softbank Sets Up $108 Bln Fund for Artificial Intelligence
Technology giants, large Japanese banks and funds, private investors from Taiwan, and the government of Kazakhstan to participate in fundraising
24 September 2019 07:31, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Authentication: a Compromise Between Price and Security
In a previous article we talked about the processes that occur in computer systems when a user connects. Today we will focus on the user authentication process
17 September 2019 12:57, UTC Aleksandre B
7 Smartest Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS And Android
Two major smartphone platforms, iOS, and Android now include smart apps that are driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This will provide a high level of comfort and convenience to the users
13 September 2019 14:01, UTC Harshal Shah
Best Blockchain-based Tourism Apps
With the advent of blockchain technology, platforms created on its basis give tourists the opportunity to choose conditions of vacations, cost and type of necessary services
12 September 2019 11:30, UTC
Authentication: The Door To The Digital World
Identification, authentication, authorization, verification — all these terms are associated with connecting person to digital services. Where they come from and what do they mean?
09 September 2019 12:10, UTC Aleksandre B
How to Integrate Blockchain into Your Content Strategy
However, we know very well that blockchain stands to benefit a wide range of industries... Is content marketing one of them?
06 September 2019 11:07, UTC Estelle Liotard
This Is The Security Software You Need To Keep Your Bitcoin Safe
What can you do to keep your own bitcoin safe? This is the security software you need on all your devices
06 September 2019 08:20, UTC
Mozilla Firefox Will Start Blocking Crypto Miners By Default
The crypto-miner blocker will become a default setting for all Mozilla Firefox users as only a small percentage used the added extensions in the past
06 September 2019 07:39, UTC
Self-driving Machines — Is It A Service Already?
Car manufacturers, research institutes and development teams are trying to get people off the wheel, giving control to dispassionate automatic systems
29 August 2019 08:48, UTC Aleksandre B
Online Payments: Threats and Prevention
Online purchases have been happening since the internet has been publicly available. Reputable online vendors follow three strict rules to ensure the safety of their customers
27 August 2019 11:37, UTC Alex Mitchell
Blockchain In Aviation: The Example Of S7
Read about the experience of S7 Airlines using blockchain technologies for improving the system of ticket sales and settlements with the fuel supplier
22 August 2019 12:16, UTC Aleksandre B
Italian Retailers Use Blockchain and QR Codes for Food Supply Chain Traceability
Supermarkets have launched a number of blockchain-based solutions, which guarantee the immutability of registered data and the presence of the entire data stream
19 August 2019 13:28, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
E-Government In Vietnam: Issues And Approaches To Implementation Through The Use of Blockchain Technologies
Technologies have streamlined processes, such as elections, document workflows, but the key concepts rest on the link binding the technology with the population – the human factor
26 July 2019 12:26, UTC