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Voice Social Network Officially Launched On The EOSIO Blockchain Protocol

06 July 2020 16:59, UTC
Anna Martynova

After months of delays and funding of $150 mln, the Voice social network on the EOS blockchain was officially launched on Saturday.

In its welcome letter, Voice wrote:

«We opened early. We could not wait.»

The network was launched ahead of schedule. Initially, the launch of the network was planned after the completed beta test on August 15. According to Voice CEO, Salah ZALATIMO, the goal of the platform is to restore transparency, authenticity and humanity to social networks.

Recall that the platform rewards users with tokens for posting quality content, thereby stimulating a good contribution. The progenitor of Voice is Block.one, the same company that raised $4 bln to create the EOS protocol.

Image: Medium.com