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Top 10 Android learning management system applications

01 September 2020 07:00, UTC
Mayank Dudhatra

We all know online learning has become a new trend during the coronavirus pandemic. And this trend will be followed for upcoming years as people are moving towards the online and digital world. The tasks which can be accomplished through the internet will not be accompanied offline or in person. In accordance with that, Android learning management system applications have been downloaded most from the Play Store. Many schools, institutes, colleges have been looking for learning management system development services to design and develop their own custom LMS.

What does online learning school exactly look like? People have one image in their mind about digital learning that it is a video calling where teacher and student meet. Not exactly, online learning systems are not bound to that video calling feature only. But it has a long list of features that can be included in a system to manage everything about students, staff, courses, practice questions, online tests, doubt solving sessions, live classes, analytics of students, ranking system, and many more.

Every institute has different requirements and learning methods, so sometimes a situation comes when there is a ready-made online learning management system of no use. Because the system which fulfills one of your requirements doesn’t fulfill another one. At a time, it becomes necessary to hire an app development company that can build you a custom LMS android application as per the need.

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Experts at Skywave info solutions have done the research and come up with top 10 Android learning management system applications in terms of cost, ratings, easiness of usage, and other mini factors that should be taken note of.

Top 10 android learning management system applications

  1. Canvas

A system that runs on a cloud-based environment with 99.99% uptime is famous for its structure which provides teachers what they are looking for and at the same time fulfills students' knowledge needs in a managed way. Canvas is easily adoptable by institutes and therefore recommended quickly and used by many schools and colleges. The course catalog system of CanvasLMS is very beautifully designed for which it is famous. Visit www.CanvasLMS.com for more information.

  1. Blackboard Learn

The blackboard learning system has been optimized for scalability in your online learning school. You can increase any number of employees, teachers, staff, courses, etc. It shows proper outcomes and results of students based on activities performed by them in a graphical and numerical.

  1. Google Classroom

It has a very good classroom system for different standards, different divisions, different lectures, and timings. Many schools have started implementing Google classrooms for their academics. Many schools just need classroom-based learning and enable running vivid learning lectures simultaneously, so this is the best fit for schools and students with not more optimizations but fulfilling classroom-based learning systems.

  1. Schoology

For many years, Schoology has been in an online learning market and helping instructors to share their knowledge online. It focuses on fully online learning and ensures that all the students get the same type of knowledge regardless of economic status or any other circumstances. They have very good communication tools for students and teachers. Many faculties, students, parents have adopted Schoology and are taking learning to the next level.

  1. Byjus

Byjus is a very famous android learning app for its animated video learning system. It has the power to make students understand things while playing games. It has become India’s most used learning android application. It not only provides schooling knowledge but also helps in preparing for competitive exams.

  1. TalentLMS

It has a very famous online system for newbie trainers and award-winning LMS. It serves content in a very engaging manner so that everyone can easily learn and grow. Also, it supports multiple types of media to share with learners. A very active support team of TalentLMS never lets you go down when you can’t figure out anything in a system.

  1. Moodle

Moodle is an open-source platform that has been growing since 2001. It has an advanced system where educators can manage courses based on activities or categories. It puts the power in the hands of them so they can create their own learning management system and structure it any way they want. Moodle has API support for mobile applications. Additionally, Moodle has an option where you can install any plugins or create your own as per requirement. So you can customize your online system as per the need. It also allows for multiple language support. One drawback of Moodle is only that it does not have very good documentation, so if you are new to Moodle, you might need to hire a Moodle developer to build up your system.

  1. AbsorbLMS

It has an easy admin setup and overall website configuration. Also famous for online meetings between teachers and students. It is mostly used by corporate businesses to train new employees around the globe. It is also used to train customers for any new system implemented in business.

  1. Bright space

It is used from nursery to school to higher secondary school and then colleges. It provides an interactive learning environment for all learners so they remain engaged and not get bored. It also has an option for global corps to create employee training classes.

  1. Chamilo LMS

This LMS can support 3000 connected users or learners at a time. The main focus of this system is speed and easy usage. There are options to create courses and sell them online with easy and fast payment gateways.

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