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Digital Assistance In Sports: An Example of Golf

25 June 2020 09:11, UTC

Who doesn’t love to have an assistant to help him in doing his daily work? Everybody would love it, don’t they? Researchers and scientists have been working on this for many years. Robotics nowadays along with Artificial Intelligence is providing very effective and useful digital assistants to help you in your daily works. They are really amazing. Even in sports like golf, you will find digital assistance in many gadgets like golf simulators, golf GPS, rangefinder, and so on.

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The way this latest technology has impacted the golfers and golf industry is mesmerizing. In this article, I am going to discuss the usefulness of digital assistance in golf. You will be able to learn how digital assistance has changed golf training methods and improvement drills.

What is Digital Assistance?

A digital assistant is an advanced computer program designed to assist its user by answering questions and performing basic tasks. They are also known as a predictive chatbot, virtual assistant, voice assistant, AI assistant, etc. And the benefits a digital assistant provides to its user can be termed as “digital assistance”. Few popular digital assistants are:

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Where Will You Find Digital Assistants?

In recent years you will find digital assistants in computers and computing devices with the operating system Windows 10 and macOS. The use of digital assistance is getting popular and more user-friendly day by day. There are digital assistants found in most smart devices and appliances like smartphones, tablets, simulators, smartwatches, smart speakers, GPS, and lots more these days.

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The technology is getting bigger and better with more and more research. Today, digital assistants are found in more and more devices as their capabilities increase, voice-recognition improves, and as more people are becoming reliant on them. This AI technology is affecting the beautiful game of golf and golfers too. Our next section will demonstrate to you how digital assistance is helping the golfers to play golf.

Digital Assistance in Golf


Digital assistants in golf use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to learn with its use and provide a personalized, conversational experience. It combines historical information such as swing patterns, distance covered, club speed, ball speed, smash factor, and so on. All these analyses are done by a golf simulator. Apart from the golf simulator, there are devices that keep track of your score along with your competitors and allow you to know the latest score. It's called Personal Digital Assistant.

How Digital Assistants Assists Golfers

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There are some golf simulators that can create data models that identify patterns of behavior and then refine those patterns as data is added. By learning a user’s history, preferences, and other information, digital assistants can answer complex questions, provide recommendations, make predictions, and even initiate conversations. Other than the simulator, there is some score counter which also features digital assistance.

Golf Simulator and Digital Assistant

Golf Simulators is a set of technologically advanced machines like the golf launch monitor, that can sense, record, and analyze your swing details and show you results with help from simulator mats, sonic sound system, optical sensor system, radar, ball tracking system, and cameras. When it comes to showing results most outputs are displayed via projectors on the impact screen. But many manufacturers are also adapting to the new digital assistant concept. There are some golf simulators available that are capable of publishing results via Bluetooth instantly to a smartphone or audibly to a hands-free device.


Digital assistance is changing human life and making it easy to do multiple tasks at a time with ease. Golfers are being benefited from digital assistance as well. You need not check out your shot details every time looking at the projector screen or at the launch monitor screen. Digital assistance allows you to stay updated to your shot details with an audible golf simulator via Bluetooth headphones or any other sound system. Try your digital assistant now and let us know how enjoyable and beneficial they are. You can also write back to us if you have any queries or suggestions for us.

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