Blockchain based hangover
02 August 2018 10:47, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Blockchain promised to become a cure-all pill for the industry. How to overcome the disappointment?
Banca Sella, Lloyd's and Mastercard Are Testing The Waters of Fintech
07 September 2018 13:05, UTC Daniil Danchenko, Vsevolod Gnetii
In the world of economy fintech was quite often considered as some effort to invent the wheel all over again. However, it ended up being the first herald of the new economic world.
Over 14.000 New Vulnerabilities Reported in 2017. How Blockchain To Improve The Cybersecurity
10 September 2018 14:50, UTC Tae-Jin (TJ) KANG, technology industry executive and entrepreneur
Cybersecurity specialists face different challenges every day. The number and complexity of the issues grow constantly. Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang sums up the problems and speaks about solutions
Neural Networks In Trading: Goldman Sachs Has Fired 99% of Traders Replacing Them With Robots
18 September 2018 18:20, UTC Anna Zhygalina
Exchanges release neural networks at the market that make perfect forecasts without specialists. The experts predict a self-supporting AI that will replace all traders in 20 years.
Big Pharma: Blockchain To Move The Big Guys With Big Prices
11 October 2018 11:21, UTC Anna Zhygalina
The blockchain evangelists recommend a shift of the healthcare to DLT until multinational corporations did not take the whole market into their own hands. The doctors will be completely replaced by the diagnostic AI machines in 50 years.
FinTech Geography. Who’s In The Vanguard?
30 July 2018 14:06, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The study of EU Parliament makes you wonder which countries are lucrative for FinTech industry, and which are not.  
Crypto wallet or life! Best way to secure bitcoin wallet
14 November 2017 21:00, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Protection of crypto wallet is extremely important for every owner of cryptocurrency. And the more funds are on the account, the more complicated and secure bitcoin wallet should be. Bitnewstoday.com explains how to keep cryptocurrency safe
Books about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO
23 April 2018 21:00, UTC Aleksandre BV
In this article we present newcomers as well as the latest editions of popular books. From a novice to an expert
The blockchain may deprive us of private property!
23 July 2018 10:56, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
The first public closed blockchain registry may appear in Russia
Robots Will Take Your Job In 2035. Who Is Going To Become Obsolete?
15 August 2018 10:37, UTC Thomas Eugenio López Anguiano
A report by MGI 2017 estimated that half of all the current work activities could be automated by 2055, with a 20-year margin of error in both directions. Nearly three-quarters of Americans are afraid that AI will destroy jobs. What should be done today to avoid becoming jobless tomorrow?
Fintech: hit or miss?
12 July 2017 11:56, UTC
Some technological projects in the financial sector have proved to be effective while others turned out to be overvalued.
Blockchain in tourism: another dimension of old problems
28 March 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday examines options of blockchain technology in the tourism industry
Icons of Italian business opt for blockchain
05 June 2018 21:00, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
How can blockchain technology help to monitor the quality of basil, pesto, and chocolate? Learn about it with the case of two Italian manufacturers
How will blockchain solve new social media problems?
04 February 2018 21:00, UTC Igor CHEKUNOV
Is it possible for blockchain to become a filter for social networks, and do we need this technology for such platforms at all? Bitnewstoday asked the experts to answer these and other questions
Blockchain and medicine: early or late?
19 March 2018 21:00, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
Artificial intellect and blockchain technologies will take care of people's health. Are there any prospects for introducing blockchain in medicine? How soon will it happen?
How to create your own cryptocurrency?
11 December 2017 21:00, UTC
In this article Bitnewstoday.com how to create a cryptocurrency, how difficult it is and what kind of knowledge it is necessary to possess
Which banks got hooked on blockchain and who benefits from it?
13 September 2017 21:00, UTC
The car owners can already get blockchain based insurance, and real estate is bought and sold without middlemen. What this new technology can give to the banking industry – read at bitnewstoday.com
Blockchain as a chance for startups
26 September 2017 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Will the technology of blockchain restore the reputation of crowdfunding and improve the system of crowdinvesting and how ICO gives start-ups a chance to turn from idea into business, read in a new article bitnewstoday
Third wheel
28 September 2017 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
The Bitnewstoday.com news portal has prepared a research for the Russian Kommersant outlet. In this research, its team has surveyed how the Russian financial corporations assess the prospects of the blockchain technology implementation in business processes
Will blockchain kill traditional journalism?
20 November 2017 21:00, UTC Paul GRAPES
Is it possible to create "journalism of self-service" on the basis of blockchain-technologies? In any case, this process has already started

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