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eProvenance And IBM Launch Blockchain Wine Quality Solution

11 December 2020 14:03, UTC
Anna Martynova

Wine supply analysis and monitoring company eProvenance and IBM have jointly announced the launch of the VinAssure blockchain platform. The way the wine is stored and the temperature on the way can significantly affect the taste. VinAssure will help trace the entire path of wine throughout the supply chain, from the vineyard to the consumer.

VinAssure uses IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply technology, which uses a variety of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud. Tracking wine transparently using the blockchain provides increased accountability and faster information sharing. This will help winemakers identify inappropriate shipping conditions, misinformation and other supply chain errors. Distributors, restaurants and retailers can guarantee the quality of the wine.

One of the early members in VinAssure is De Maison Selections, an American importer of wine, cider and spirits. Other winemakers are planning to join the participation, including the American Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and French Maison Sichel. As other members join the platform, consumers will be able to use identifiers on wine bottles, such as QR codes, to access supply chain information.

Image: Coinlist