Online Payments: Threats and Prevention
27 August 2019 11:37, UTC Alex Mitchell
Online purchases have been happening since the internet has been publicly available. Reputable online vendors follow three strict rules to ensure the safety of their customers
Blockchain In Aviation: The Example Of S7
22 August 2019 12:16, UTC Aleksandre B
Read about the experience of S7 Airlines using blockchain technologies for improving the system of ticket sales and settlements with the fuel supplier
Italian Retailers Use Blockchain and QR Codes for Food Supply Chain Traceability
19 August 2019 13:28, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Supermarkets have launched a number of blockchain-based solutions, which guarantee the immutability of registered data and the presence of the entire data stream
E-Government In Vietnam: Issues And Approaches To Implementation Through The Use of Blockchain Technologies
26 July 2019 12:26, UTC
Technologies have streamlined processes, such as elections, document workflows, but the key concepts rest on the link binding the technology with the population – the human factor
Block-n-roll: Blockchain And Music Industry
25 July 2019 14:49, UTC Aleksandre B
In this article we will talk about how the music industry develops in the era of the digital economy
How to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet Application
19 July 2019 12:28, UTC Vitaly Kuprenko
It’s a full guide on how to develop a Bitcoin Wallet application. We’ll explain everything in detail and discuss what Bitcoin wallet API you need to use in your app
Blockchain For Democracy
18 July 2019 11:08, UTC Aleksandre B
Blockchain products offer good solutions for voting systems as they provide transparency of transaction records, reliable data saving and absence of the trusted third parties
How Artificial Intelligence Can Help IoT in 2020
15 July 2019 13:20, UTC Manan Ghadawala
AI and IoT are going to have massive impacts on the future on behaviours, structures, and transactions. Manan Ghadawala describes which industries and sectors to take the most
Credit Scoring: Traditions vs New Technologies
01 July 2019 14:50, UTC Aleksandre B
Nowadays, an assessment is often put by a computerized artificial intelligence system. The final decision concerning the loan application is also made by the machine in many cases
Internet of Things: Useful, Dangerous, Interesting and Scary
28 June 2019 17:59, UTC Aleksandre B
In this article, BNT will try to understand the technology that has become a milestone in history, forever dividing the world into what it was before the Internet of things, and what it became after
How Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Customer Service
24 June 2019 13:31, UTC Harnil Oza
With the help of an app development company, smaller companies can scale up and larger companies can remain profitable
Trading Bots are Running Wild on Crypto Exchanges
24 June 2019 11:22, UTC
Since the start of crypto dealing, the bots have existed to make things stress-free for people who are new in business or have other matters to handle while they invest in crypto
Notary and blockchain — the perfect combination?
06 June 2019 12:37, UTC Aleksandre B
The use of DLT technology in notarial services seems to be one of the most obvious applications. However, these services have not been widespread yet
Centralized Blockchain Is a Risk for Further Development
29 May 2019 14:54, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Along with the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, experts and private investors have begun to wonder about the level of decentralization of the blockchains launched and developed
Web 3.0: Browsers With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies
27 May 2019 12:24, UTC Aleksandre B
Decentralized Internet is a huge ecosystem. In this article we will speak about one of the solutions for web 3.0 — about browsers with blockchain and cryptocurrencies support
A Lack Of Artificial Intelligence Managers Threatens Italy
24 May 2019 13:45, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
The problem is about the absence of institutions for educating this kind of specialists, as well as the absence of a general concept that allows solving the training problem
Robots To Blame: 3 Mln Workers Are Under Threat In Italy
14 May 2019 09:50, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
The robots and artificial intelligence are infesting the labour market and they will displace unskilled or low-skilled workers with a low level of education
How Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing
13 May 2019 13:17, UTC Karoline Gore
Consumers and marketers are yearning for private and confidential transactions — that’s where blockchain comes in. It could revolutionize the system by acting as a regulator
Blockchain And Big Data To Be Deployed For Food & Wine Sector In Italy
30 April 2019 12:20, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
The use of the blockchain can improve traceability and quality of certification of the whole food chain, says Mauro Rosati, leading expert of the Qualivita Foundation
3 Ways Insurance Technology Endangers Your Privacy
16 April 2019 14:30, UTC Chris Jones
With easy access to data that’s way more individualized and detailed than ever, insurtech raises concerns about privacy and data security

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