The Impact of COVID and New Tech on Ecommerce
18 March 2021 08:10, UTC Hannah Whitfield
One of the least surprising results of 2020 is the fast and huge growth of global ecommerce
5 User-Centric Web Design Techniques for 2021
16 March 2021 15:30, UTC Hannah Whitfield
In this article, we’ll walk you through five web design trends to put your users first in preparation for the big update and for general long-term online success
How to Convert Visitors into Customers Through Anonymous User Tracking
04 March 2021 12:10, UTC
For many people, anonymous user tracking sounds more like something that comes out of an espionage movie than something that applies to online marketing and analytics
Could Blockchain be One of the Next Biggest Innovations in the Gaming Industry?
01 March 2021 07:30, UTC
How could blockchain change the gaming industry? It might be on a deeper level than you might think. Find out more here.
The Compelling Case for AI in IT Service Management
20 February 2021 11:20, UTC
ITSM is increasingly leaning towards service intelligence, which essentially means that artificial intelligence is getting embedded into service management technologies
How Blockchain is Shaping the Automotive Industry in the Present
05 February 2021 14:00, UTC
The automotive sector is another industry that is now utilizing blockchain technology in various areas of its operations. It is among the fastest-growing industries that is getting revolutionized by the applications of blockchain
Private LTE Market is Projected to Reach USD 13 Billion by 2026
03 February 2021 07:40, UTC Saloni Walimbe
According to a recent study, the demand for the private LTE market is anticipated to grow at an incremental rate based on increasing adoption of connected devices that require a reliable and secure communication network
Tips for Creating Blockchain IOS and Android Applications
20 January 2021 11:35, UTC Hermit Chawla
In the past few years, blockchain technology has brought changes in development and configuring everything related to the internet and mobile applications
Tokenized Securities on Blockchain. What are They?
22 December 2020 09:15, UTC Avery Wright
With the entire year in crypto defined by a maelstrom of projects embarking on decentralized finance (DeFi) aspects to their products, it can be easy to forget that previous advancements in blockchain-based technologies have continued to make great headway in terms of adoption and application
How Will ERP and Big Data Revolutionize Your Business?
16 December 2020 13:00, UTC Nishant Joshi
Big data turns ERP systems into a magic pill as it supplies real-time information about customers, industry, competitors, and the market in general
eProvenance And IBM Launch Blockchain Wine Quality Solution
11 December 2020 14:03, UTC Anna Martynova
IBM will allow tracking of wines on the blockchain after partnership with eProvenance
5 Blockchain Career Options You Need to Know About
07 December 2020 11:24, UTC Brooke Davies
The sheer revolutionary potential of blockchain technology explains why there's been such a surge in those wanting to work in and develop the technology. The tech jobs market is currently teeming with opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts
The Role of Blockchain in Smart Cities
02 December 2020 11:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Smart cities represent an unprecedented level of interconnected digital systems. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that blockchain and cryptocurrencies could play a vital role in the cities of the future
An Overview of How Covalent Is Structuring DeFi Data to Power Mass Adoption
18 November 2020 12:13, UTC
The sheer size and technical complexity of the market makes it difficult to analyse blockchain-related data. In response, Covalent has built a unified API meant to enhance the transparency and visibility of blockchain networks
Breaking Down Tokamak Network, an Ethereum-based On-Demand Layer 2 Platform
13 November 2020 12:11, UTC Marcus Wiseman
The Tokamak Network is providing an easy to build application on Ethereum through its on-demand Layer 2 platform
How Learning Management Systems Were Popularized During the Pandemic
09 November 2020 08:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
LMS are becoming more common in the educational process: the sudden emergence of COVID-19 has changed the paradigms of education and has sent it to digital formats
Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology. Is It Possible to Solve Them All?
03 November 2020 08:04, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Since the invention of first consensus algorithms and blockchains altogether there have been many advancements, but we are still at a very early stage of decentralized technology and face many serious drawbacks that may be deal-breakers moving towards mass adoption
How Blockchain Could Benefit Clinical Trial Data
27 October 2020 09:23, UTC Devin Partida
The blockchain could have major implications for the clinical trials. A trustworthy, organized and universally available data source could help coordinate these trials and make the data easier to access
Ku Coin Security Incident Prompts Radical Change: How Crypterium Protects Its Assets Through Smart Contract Swap
26 October 2020 12:23, UTC Andrey Sergeenkov
The platform is about to take a radical step – from November onwards, all CRPT tokens in public use will be swapped from existing smart contract to the new one
Blockchain as a Service (Baas): Financial and Non-Financial Use Cases
22 October 2020 14:09, UTC Juned Ghanchi
Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) business model helped businesses avail the blockchain technology opportunities without maintaining big server deployments for blockchain

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