Adopting Innovative Technologies into Blockchain Applications to Increase User Experience
25 May 2021 10:35, UTC Michael Usiagwu
Blockchain applications’ innovative technologies have been very helpful in offering greater transparency in securing the data of users against hackers that are in the hunt to compromise it
Merkle Science Hack Track: Pancake Bunny Hack
21 May 2021 09:00, UTC
At 10:34 UTC on Thursday, 20 May, Pancake Bunny, a DeFi yield farming aggregator and optimizer built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) suffered a flash loan attack that exploited the code on the Bunny protocol
How ARPA Makes Truly Secure Data Sharing A Reality
21 May 2021 07:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Whether it is on blockchain networks or in the real world, secure data sharing requires privacy-preserving computation. This is exactly what the ARPA aims to achieve
Millennials and Generation Z Will Dominate the Blockchain Market
20 May 2021 15:00, UTC
Millennials and Generation Z were the first to catch on to the rising cryptocurrency trend, and currently, they form the most dominant demography of crypto users
Satozhi (SATOZ), the World’s First Proof-Of-Burn Blockchain Launches VMT Marketplace
18 May 2021 14:00, UTC
The hype for digital collectibles is near all-time-high. However, none come close to what Satozhi brings to the table, a world’s first proof-of-burn token that was built using a similar mining consensus to that of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work
How Blockchain Technology Reshapes Mobile App Development
17 May 2021 07:00, UTC
In spite of the fact that blockchain has just started to gain traction in the mobile app industry, many development companies are still skeptical about the possibilities. Is this going to be a paradigm shifting technology for app security?
How Blockchain Is Changing Ecommerce and Why Bitcoin Has Nothing to Do With It
14 May 2021 08:40, UTC
Today, blockchain is known mainly as a technology associated with bitcoin. But cryptocurrencies are just one of many scenarios for this algorithm
Best 10 ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve an Agency’s Workflow
14 May 2021 05:15, UTC
AI engines have graduated from gaming and are now looking for work in the corporate world. AI engines are now consciously participating in essential human endeavours
How Online Gambling Benefits From New Market Trends
13 May 2021 14:30, UTC Nick James
For over a year now, the gaming industry has suffered, much like any other, courtesy of the global pandemic
AI in Video Analytics Market: Technological Advancements
13 May 2021 08:10, UTC
AI in video analytics solutions play an important role in monitoring video data as they can analyze large amounts of video data quickly, thus improving the effectiveness and accuracy of surveillance
NFT Ksoids Creator: 8 Years in a Box, Sold Out in Almost 4 Days
11 May 2021 11:40, UTC
1,000 vintage generative 3D characters which has been ranked #1 in the OpenSea rankings were almost sold out, raising over $40,000 for charity
Global Smart Cards Market Size To Hit $75bn by 2026
10 May 2021 14:00, UTC
The global smart card market is estimated to observe considerable revenue growth majorly due to robust demand for secure and safe payment transactions across the retail sector
6 Blockchain Business Use Cases You Should Know About
10 May 2021 12:30, UTC
Blockchain may have a major impact on businesses thanks to its unique capabilities to enable transactions and operations without a single authority and unnecessary intermediaries
Reviewing Pulse Network; The role of AI & Blockchain in Transforming the Medical Sector
23 April 2021 15:00, UTC
Pulse Network is a blockchain-based robust global medical data repository aiming to become a leading provider of AI enhanced medical care
AI Startup Harem Token Makes Amber Sparkx the World’s First Consensually Deepfakeable Porn Star
09 April 2021 09:58, UTC
Fans of Amber will be able to use technology pioneered by artificial intelligence startup Harem Token to deepfake Amber’s face into any video of their choice
ChainGuardians: A Brief Review
01 April 2021 09:00, UTC
Blockchain technology could be used as a payment mechanism to make in-game purchases and can also be used to create and manage in-game currency accounts
Top 5 Factors Driving Global Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market Trends
31 March 2021 15:00, UTC
Extensive R&D investments to increase AI capabilities and its application scope in various industries will positively influence artificial intelligence in the retail industry
What Blockchain is Doing in Mobile App Development?
25 March 2021 08:35, UTC
Blockchain technology in the mobile app development scene is not just used as a mobile wallet technology facilitating cryptocurrency payments and transactions
How Blockchain Is Helping COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
24 March 2021 11:10, UTC Devin Partida
Blockchain has shown particular promise in vaccine distribution, with the potential to do more
Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends That Will Rule In 2021
22 March 2021 13:18, UTC
2020 as a year has not been favorable to everyone, but thanks to emerging digital technologies like IoT, it has been the most talked-about technology of the year

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