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CarinaBot: The Smart Forex Trading Robot

If you’re a forex trader looking for an easy and reliable way to maximize your profits, look no further than CarinaBot. Unlike other trading robots that require customization and extensive training, Carina Bot is ready to use straight out of the box.

16 June 2023 12:20, UTC
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Scrutinizing Ethereum's Security Checks and Effective Practices

This overview explores Ethereum’s security audits and best practices. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, relies on security audits to identify vulnerabilities and ensure a secure ecosystem. Best practices are adopted to mitigate risks and foster trust among users.

14 June 2023 14:34, UTC
Zero Knowledge Proof's Role in Online Identity Verification

In the digital era, online identity verification has become a crucial aspect of our daily lives. It involves the process of verifying the identities of individuals in online interactions, transactions, and access to various services.

13 June 2023 11:58, UTC Paritosh Mehta
Utilizing Crypto in Everyday Tasks

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies is progressing steadily. Cryptocurrencies have a long way to go before they can fully replace fiat currencies, but their use is becoming increasingly widespread in everyday life. Let’s see how Crypto can be used in daily tasks.

01 June 2023 14:30, UTC
Huobi Partners with Wiki Finance Expo to Drive Global Blockchain Advancement

Huobi, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, has partnered strategically with Wiki Finance Expo to enhance brand exposure and trust at the upcoming Wiki Finance Expo Singapore 2023.

22 May 2023 09:17, UTC
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Exploring the Advantages of BlackFort's POSA Algorithm

In the world of blockchain, there are several different consensus algorithms thatpower the network. They are used to ensure the successful completion of transactions across the network. 

10 April 2023 15:02, UTC
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Move to Earn – Review 2023

Move to Earn is a revolutionary concept in the world of cryptocurrency that is rapidly gaining popularity among investors and gamers alike. This innovative earning model enables users to earn cryptocurrency tokens by participating in various online activities such as gaming, social media, and DeFi platforms. Move to Earn has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional earning models, offering greater flexibility, accessibility, and potential for profit.

06 April 2023 09:36, UTC
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The New Crypto Craze: How Gen Z is Riding the Digital Wave

The Gen Z crowd is embracing new technologies with open arms, and it's not hard to see why. With the potential for quick profits and the thrill of owning unique digital assets, Gen Zers are diving headfirst into the world of crypto and NFTs. Also, with the rising interest, more and more businesses have started accepting crypto over the years—be it the online casino industry or places where you can get your favorite chicken meal!

29 March 2023 11:48, UTC
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The Role of Crypto in NFT Game Development in 2023

Utilizing blockchain technology and leveraging decentralized applications (dApps), NFT games are rapidly transforming the way individuals perceive and play games online.

24 March 2023 13:59, UTC
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TOP Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2023

A reliable cryptocurrency wallet is the key to successful crypto trading & holding. There are many types of wallets, and it’s not easy to choose the right one, so we’re here to help.

06 March 2023 09:51, UTC
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The First Law of Algotrading: Trading bots must trade better than humans. Interview with Yuri Dernov, Easy Trade Station founder and CTO of 1ex Algo

Algotrading or algorithmic trading is a type of trading, where transactions are made automatically, according to a pre-written algorithm. Algotraders trade using robots in all financial markets: stock, commodities, FOREX and cryptocurrencies.

28 February 2023 14:52, UTC
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Can Crypto Jobs Impact The Future of Finance? OnlineGaming Community Metacade Is Betting On It

New project Metacade is tackling this head-on and creating a vast number of crypto jobs connected to its metaverse arcade.

27 February 2023 10:25, UTC
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Blockchain Gaming Platforms Like Metacade (MCADE) Gaining Popularity Among Gamers

A whole new virtual world is opening up, driven by advances in Web3 technology and consumer demand. The possibilities are infinite. Read on to learn how this brave new world will work

23 February 2023 11:06, UTC
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Why You Should Use a VPN for Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are digital, global currencies that use cryptography to secure their transactions and control the creation of new units. Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they're immune to the government or financial institutions' censorship or control. However, this also means that your cryptocurrency transactions are not safe from hacking

20 February 2023 10:53, UTC
The Perks of Joining PEGA Pool

Here’s Why 2,000+ Users Have Signed Up So Far, And Why You Should Too

07 February 2023 16:13, UTC
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Trading And Blockchain Technology: The Bridge Between The Global Markets

Proof that blockchain technology is trustworthy suggests it may also improve the openness and safety of international commerce. From the beginning of human history, technical progress has influenced the nature of commercial exchange. The development of steam-powered machinery and the subsequent rise in the popularity of mass manufacturing were both ushered in by the invention of electricity.

17 January 2023 14:35, UTC
Has the Videogame Industry Embraced Crypto?

Videogaming has come a long way since the introduction of the first simple games in the 1950s and 60s. In fact, even over the past decade alone we have witnessed enormous changes to videogames and the videogame industry in general. The current generation of consoles means you no longer need to buy physical copies of games and online multiplayer games are big business.

17 January 2023 14:15, UTC
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How Is The Symbiosis Of Trading And AI Making Traders Smarter?

The use of Robo-advisors in AI stock trading allows for the analysis of millions of pieces of information and the execution of deals at the best possible price. AI traders also evaluate and forecast markets with a higher level of precision and trade firms more effectively, thereby reducing risks and increasing returns.

17 January 2023 10:33, UTC
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What If Trading And Blockchain Technology Go Hand-In-Hand?

Future blockchains are exploring ways to serve as an accounting unit for storing not only money but also medical information, property rights, and other legal contracts. Though, experts have passed the adoption of blockchain technology with flying colors, especially in the banking and payment sectors.

17 January 2023 10:28, UTC
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Are Blockchain Benefits Undying? The Game-Changing Progression Has Begun!

The term "blockchain" has been thrown around a lot recently. What began with Bitcoin's meteoric rise in popularity has spread to conventional corporate uses.

17 January 2023 07:34, UTC