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Different Ways to Earn Crypto as You Play

13 June 2024 11:43, UTC

Investing in crypto is exciting and has proved to be hugely profitable for many people. Yet, it remains a risky type of investment that isn’t right for everyone. This is why earning crypto by playing games is an appealing option, but what do you need to know to choose the right game?

The Play-to-Earn Games Genre is Growing

Play-to-earn games have been big news in the crypto industry for a few years now, but how can you decide which one to try? The first step is to consider which token you want to try and collect. Getting free tokens is only worthwhile if you feel that they’re worth collecting and should grow in value over time. After that, you need to see whether the gameplay is interesting enough to hold your attention over time.

There are many play-to-earn games to choose from. The upcoming launch of the first Illivium game could be an important moment in the development of this genre. The developers talk about providing an interoperable game universe that could change the face of blockchain gaming. Their interconnected games are titled Illuvium: Overworld, Illuvium: Arena, and Illuvium: Zero, with each giving a different way of earning the native token.

Let’s imagine you want to earn a specific, established currency and like the idea of Dogecoin. Maybe you feel that Elon Musk adding it as a Tesla payment method is a good sign and you’re hoping to see it used on the X platform before long too. Can you earn DOGE by playing games? In this case, you might want to register somewhere like Idle-Empire, although this is more about filling in surveys than playing games, so it might not hold your attention.

PlayDoge sounds more promising as it turns the iconic pooch into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet, but you’ll be earning the new $PLAY token rather than DOGE. So, it’s not as easy to earn the right tokens in a fun way as you might have thought. Dogemon Go is another project based on the popular meme dog, where you catch virtual characters to earn DOGO rewards. Again, this is a new token you earn rather than DOGE. The truth is that most P2E games include the risk of earning a new token whose popularity and value haven’t yet become clear.

A Variety of Casino Games

Unlike other types of games on this list, casino games require you to buy your own cryptocurrencies and then play with those tokens in different ways. Since cryptos are highly volatile anyway, this adds an extra degree of unpredictability to your chances of making or losing money. Get started by adding crypto to your casino account and you can withdraw any winnings you make in the same way.

There are many different ways of playing these games, as a look at a popular Bitcoin casino confirms. Their slot selection includes recent releases like Ghosts Night Walk Lock 2 Spin, Jin Yun Man Man, and Gold of Minos. As well as the variety of themes, these slots also offer different features and bonus rounds, meaning that you can look for a game that suits your playing style.

Other ways of gambling include classic table games like roulette and blackjack. These games are often presented in a live casino setting with a human dealer running the action right there in front of you. Crash-style games provide another alternative, with players needing to decide when to cash out before the game ends.

Walking, the Metaverse, and Other Ways of Earning Money

We can expect to see new ways of earning crypto tokens emerge as the industry continues to diversify. The Sweat Economy website is a good example, as it states that they have 150 million users across the world. They began with the Sweatcoin, which was given as a reward for users for reaching a certain number of steps taken each day. It’s now evolved to include elements such as Sweat Hero, where players try to earn Battle coins (BC), NFTs, and Growth Jars.

This is a possible indicator of the way forward for other utility coins, as they include gaming as a way of earning tokens, as well as other aspects that keep people coming back for more. As crypto adoption keeps on growing, we can look forward to seeing intriguing new projects appear on the horizon. A look at the latest crypto news reveals a huge variety of new tokens being released soon. These include the VR-oriented 5thScape and the DarkLume metaverse, which are expected to tap into the massive global gaming industry by using the blockchain together with the latest technology.

With many new crypto products being launched in the near future, we can hope to see different ways of playing to earn tokens emerge. These projects often mean taking a chance on something completely new and might not mean playing in the traditional sense of the word. However, this should help to ensure that the market remains vibrant and ever-changing.