Prospects for Artificial Intelligence in 2020
02 April 2020 13:34, UTC Yuri Pakhomov
Several trends where the AI ​​will move, considering machine learning, speech and text recognition, big data analytics — presented in an article by Yuri Pakhomov
Most Promising Blockchain Use Cases in the Real World of 2020
24 March 2020 14:48, UTC Robert Kroos
Robert Kroos makes a brief review of some of the real-time blockchain use cases in 2020 — which are already expanding
Private Security in the Digital World. How to Behave in the Era of Social Media
23 March 2020 14:47, UTC Aleksandre B
The rules of social platforms are obscure and mostly not obvious to users. That’s why platforms use the received information for their own benefit at full capacity
Private Security in the Digital World. How to Protect Yourself from Malicious Intents
20 March 2020 13:24, UTC Aleksandre B
This article reveals threats, and provides readers with a few simple ideas that could help them increase their level of personal security in the digital era
Italian Authorities Threaten Tax Evaders With Big Data
17 March 2020 08:22, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
The Italian Tax Office shifts to new methods of combating tax evasion using IT solutions
How Futuristic Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Financial Industry?
10 March 2020 12:12, UTC Chirag Mudsa
Thanks to the demand for deciphering data patterns, leading industries are embracing AI. Many financial companies and banks are regarding AI as the next big value addition for their business
Investments in Information Security: It’s All about Budgets and Staff
06 March 2020 08:43, UTC Yuri Pakhomov
What are the most effective ways of information protection in modern conditions? This question was answered by the panel discussion at the conference “Challenges of Digital Transformation”
Artificial Intelligence in 2020: Consumer Electronics Show Review
05 March 2020 12:14, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Exhibitors entered into a fierce competition and kept spreading various laudatory statements about their innovative products
Tel Aviv Trading Market is Transitioning to Blockchain
27 February 2020 06:50, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Tel Aviv wants to embrace blockchain and all of its novelty, while also giving the newer companies a chance to build their resume as they help Israel develop its lending platform to be modern and easy to use
The Hardware of Digital Economy: Why Do Data Scientists Like Graphics Cards?
26 February 2020 14:40, UTC Aleksandre B
The history of the emergence and development of graphics accelerators. How did the video processing devices for games begin to attract scientists and engineers engaged in research?
Your Own Blockchain. Stage 3: Promotion
18 February 2020 08:35, UTC Aleksandre B
Features of marketing for the creators of blockchain projects. Сan they use traditional methods? Are there any difficulties? Are there any mistakes to avoid?
Demand for Increasing Efficiency in Surgeries to Fuel Growth of Medical Robotics Market
13 February 2020 14:48, UTC Rohini Choudhary
Utilization of robotics in the medical field has reduced the distance barrier where the physicians can take special care to the patients without travelling to inaccessible areas
Robots To Deliver Judgement Very Soon
10 February 2020 07:54, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Changes are brewing in the global justice system: algorithms are being developed to expedite trials and anticipate crimes and criminal intentions
Meet Pipka: A New and Threatening Website Skimmer
07 February 2020 07:48, UTC Benjamin Campbell
Payment card skimmers have digital versions. Instead of a physical appliance, they are malicious code that sits on a payment page of a website and harvests payment card information
13 Million Italian Citizens Took Advantage of Fintech in 2019
06 February 2020 10:05, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
In Italy, there are already more than 300 startups working in the field of fintech and insurtech, capable of raising up to 654 million euros of financing and investments
Why We Should Think About the Threat of Artificial Intelligence
05 February 2020 06:45, UTC Zubair Hassan
Humans have been the kings of the planet for ages. Giving up on the crown and taking it over to artificially intelligent individuals is not easy to swallow by common people
Your Own Blockchain. Stage 2: DIY or Outsource?
04 February 2020 06:35, UTC Aleksandre B
The article continues the “Blockchain for Everyone” series on BNT
Digital Banking Challenges Traditional Lending Giants in Italy
03 February 2020 08:25, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
New digital banks, led by four Italian millennials, are trying to get ahead of traditional banks. Will they cope with this difficult task?
Water To Become Smart: Milan Uses AI for Treatment Facilities
31 January 2020 11:25, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
State enterprise Gruppo CAP applies technology 4.0 to control water quality at 40 treatment facilities serving consumers in Milan
Training The AI Algorithm: How To Apply AI To Curate Information During Elections?
30 January 2020 08:19, UTC Manoj Rupareliya
With AI and Machine Learning technologies, gathering the campaign data, and analyzing the same has become relatively easy

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