5 Ways Banks Are Upgrading Their Fintech
Across the economy — in sectors like health care, manufacturing and education — Big Tech companies and startups are developing digital tools that will likely transform how businesses approach their work
30 September 2020 09:09, UTC Devin Partida
Why Cryptocurrency is The Future of Business Transactions
The cryptocurrency market has grown into a thriving economy whose disruptive power is undeniable. This rather nascent technology is slowly encroaching on traditional finance territory and has been touted as the future of financial transactions
29 September 2020 13:00, UTC Andrey Sergeenkov
The Effect of Slow Website Speeds on Sales
This article will look at why loading speeds are important for business websites, and how you can improve your website speeds to boost your sales
18 September 2020 13:26, UTC Lucy Carney
The US Sanctions Targeted Crypto Addresses of Russian hackers
Russians are accused of interfering in the US presidential elections. The addresses attributed to the organization in the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and Ethereum blockchains fell under financial sanctions
16 September 2020 08:00, UTC Nick James
Coinbase CEO: Apple Forces to Change Crypto Products
CEO of the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong believes that Apple is not bringing innovations to the cryptocurrency and removing DeFi
15 September 2020 11:09, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Do Not Require KYC
The European Union AMLD5, adopted in January of this year, actually obliged cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the EU countries to introduce a mandatory KYC
09 September 2020 13:53, UTC Karina Krupenchenkova
Why Antivirus Alone Isn’t Enough To Protect Your Crypto Wallet In 2020
With a greater number of increasingly sophisticated threats on the loose, the days when an antivirus was enough to protect you online are long gone
04 September 2020 11:00, UTC Amy Cavendish
Retail POS Terminals Market is set to Surpass USD 45 billion by 2026
Enhancing penetration of smartphones has been pushing the retail sector to implement advanced payment systems for developing business operations and decreasing expense
04 September 2020 09:29, UTC Saloni Walimbe
Top 10 Android learning management system applications
We all know online learning has become a new trend during the coronavirus pandemic. And this trend will be followed for upcoming years as people are moving towards the online and digital world
01 September 2020 07:00, UTC Mayank Dudhatra
How AI & ML Contributing To Mobile App Development To Test COVID-19?
Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can save us from COVID-19. Let’s peek into the world of AI and ML and see how it’s bringing momentum to tackle this pandemic
26 August 2020 11:09, UTC Varun Bhagat
The Use of Blockchain in the Field of Compliance
Have you ever wondered how companies use compliance systems to manage a massive amount of data that it generates? Blockchain is the technology that makes data transparent, secured and immediately accessible
24 August 2020 14:00, UTC Shubhradeep Nandi
Unique Risks Blockchain Companies Face
The popularity of blockchain is increasing, and it's becoming more accepted in the mainstream business climate. Blockchain companies will need to increasingly think about how they manage the industry's unique risks
21 August 2020 09:22, UTC Sean X Cummings, CMO Embroker
Contract Research Organization Services Are Igniting Crucial Changes that Matter
Contract research organizations (CROs) are an integral part of the Medtech, biotech, and pharma industries. This marketplace has started becoming very competitive in recent years/ Here are the facts
13 August 2020 09:00, UTC Reeti Banerjee
Nigeria Outpaced Most of the World in Blockchain Use
One of the largest online blockchain wallets, Blockchain.com has confirmed that Nigeria is their largest growing market in Q2 and Q3 of 2020
07 August 2020 15:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Is it Possible to Cheat the Face Recognition System: Meet the Expert
Neural network algorithms are developing at such a speed that they can often recognize people more effectively than the human eye. Expert Yuri Godina talks about the most common “bypass techniques”
14 July 2020 14:13, UTC Yuri Godina, founder of Facemetric
Blockchain Developers as Advanced People in IT
Experts noticed the opportunities blockchain gives so this technology started to develop at a rapid pace. The popularity of blockchain is a reason why blockchain developers are in great demand
08 July 2020 07:52, UTC John Edwards
Crypto Valley Association’s Cybersecurity Group Unveils New Guidelines for Protecting Digital Assets
The CVA, the leading global cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem, has announced the publication of its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines
07 July 2020 09:57, UTC Denis Goncharenko
VET Rose By 73% Amid Participation In A Global Conference On Artificial Intelligence
VeChain Foundation will attend the Shanghai Conference, as a result of which VET has updated its two-year high
06 July 2020 18:02, UTC Anna Martynova
Voice Social Network Officially Launched On The EOSIO Blockchain Protocol
On Saturday, the Voice social network on the EOSIO blockchain protocol was launched
06 July 2020 16:59, UTC Anna Martynova
Digital Assistance In Sports: An Example of Golf
Robotics nowadays along with Artificial Intelligence is providing very effective and useful digital assistants to help you in your daily works, even in sports like golf
25 June 2020 09:11, UTC