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Waves Enterprise Launches Raritet NFT Marketplace Led by Herbert Shopnik

Denis Goncharenko

Waves Enterprise launches a new commercial platform for creating and handling NFT objects. The technology will allow customers to release unique digital objects in a legal field and at minimal cost to attract a new audience, while activating new and additional sales channels and solving communication challenges.

I am excited to join the Waves Enterprise team. During its work, the company has repeatedly proved its expertise in the voluminous portfolio of successfully implemented blockchain projects for business and. public sectors Web3 technologies for July 2022 are increasingly penetrating the Enterprise segment. "said Waves Enterprise Business Development Director Herbert Shopnik.

Herbert Shopnik, who previously led the innovation center of S7 Group, is appointed as the Business Development Director for this branch. Herbert is a recognized NFT expert and the organizer of the first offline NFT exhibitions in Russia. He also commented on his new appointment:

“Our goal is to help large businesses gain competitive qualities by implementing tools based on these technologies. Thanks to the accumulated experience and expertise, I am sure we will successfully cope with this task. We see an increase in interest from commercial companies, brands, and representatives cultures in NFT technology. Waves Enterprise's NFT marketplace will allow launching comprehensive NFT projects completely in the legal field, with NFT implementation for fiat currencies, customize the showcase and smart contract parameters for each project, as well as other unique features.”

One of the first corporate users of the Raritet marketplace was the Russian Association for Public Relations, which presented the winners of the first RAPR AWARD in the form of NFTs which were the art objects with a 3D image of the Mobius Strip – the symbol of the Award. Each media file is registered as a unique digital certificate on the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform.

Today, many organizations are interested in blockchain, metaverses, and NFTs, but do not have their own expertise to implement successful projects. The probability of creating and launching a project is minimal, especially for those who do not have a deep understanding of the market.

In addition to the Raritet NFT marketplace, which uses the technologies of the Russian blockchain platform, Waves Enterprise is launching a new competence center. It will advise organizations and individuals on working with NFTs and the metaverse. The company is already a leader among corporate platforms in Russia, with projects that have been implemented for the largest private and state companies in various industries: the national remote electronic voting system, the Federal Tax Service blockchain platform, liquidity management service, trusted document management systems, supply chain management and other solutions with increased requirements for infrastructure security.

Blockchain technologies, particularly NFT, are in a phase of active development in Russia. According to analysts' forecasts, the volume of the Russian NFT market will be at least 100 billion rubles by 2030, while the global market for metaverse ecosystems will reach 1-2 trillion dollars even under conservative scenarios.

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