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The Perks of Joining PEGA Pool

07 February 2023 16:13, UTC

The crypto industry is no stranger to innovation, but PEGA Pool is taking this to the next level. As the globe’s first ever eco-friendly mining pool, PEGA Pool exists to reduce Bitcoin Mining’s carbon footprint and spearhead a more sustainable industry. PEGA Pool has even been ranked the 13th biggest pool worldwide by hashrate, according to BTC.com.

While the trendsetting mining pool is still in its infancy, 2,000+ users have already signed up so far – and it’s not hard to see why. PEGA Pool offers some exciting benefits for every BTC miner, whether they are already using renewable energy or not. Here are some of the biggest PEGA Pool perks that have gotten 2,000+ users and counting amped for the pool’s big launch in Q1 2023.

Exciting Pool Fee Discounts

Those who already mine BTC using green energy will qualify for a huge 50% reduction in their pool mining fees. This is PEGA Pool's way of incentivizing BTC miners who are trailblazing the path ahead for the next generation.

Most miners join mining pools to access high-probability limited profits, as opposed to low-probability high profits, and joining PEGA Pool lets miners join one of the largest pools in the world – and get rewarded for it. The people behind PEGA Pool were excited to hear that miners using green energy already constitute around 1% of Bitcoin’s total hashrate (according to CoinShares data) and the team hope to see this number skyrocket in the years to come.

They Plant Trees

Planting trees is crucial in the fight against climate change, seeing as trees are “carbon storage machines”. They take carbon dioxide from the air and lock it up in their roots, trunk, branches, and leaves over the course of their lifetime. With more trees, we can drastically reduce the amount of CO2 present in the air and atmosphere, and that’s why PEGA Pool team are planting as many as they can. Even Bitcoin miners who haven’t yet made the move to renewable energy BTC mining can make a difference. And by joining this eco-friendly mining pool during its pre-launch phase, they’ll qualify for a 50% reduction on pool mining fees.

Access for ALL Bitcoin Miners

PEGA Pool aren’t biassed, and they don’t ban access based on renewable energy usage. All miners, regardless of their green energy status, can qualify to become a member. However, it’s clear to see that the rewards are bigger for BTC miners who have already made the shift to renewable Bitcoin mining – and for good reason. PEGA Pool hopes to inspire miners enough to get them to ride the green wave and make as much of a difference to the crypto industry as possible.

Join 2,000+ Bitcoin Miners Today

Waiting list space is limited. Grab one of the last available spots and apply to be a PEGA Pool BETA tester now. Those who qualify will pay 0% in pool fees during the pre-launch period, followed by 0.5% pool fees post-launch.