Bitfinex Made $1.1 Bln Transaction with Record Low Fee
13 April 2020 12:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitfinex crypto exchange set a new record in the history of bitcoin, having made a transaction of 1.1 bln dollars for a less than one dollar fee
Chainalysis Partners with Infrastructure Providers to Enter New Markets
10 April 2020 12:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Chainalysis launches a major partnership program to develop its tracking tools for suspicious blockchain transactions
ICON Launches Smart Contract Supporting Algorithm
10 April 2020 11:56, UTC Anna Martynova
South Korean blockchain project ICON (ICX) launches new LFT 2.0 algorithm, which is a revolutionary version of PBFT
Cardano Concludes Agreement with South African National Blockchain Alliance
09 April 2020 12:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Cardano confirms partnership with the South African National Blockchain Alliance to create infrastructure in the country and ensure inclusion
Medical Posts in Italy Build with Cryptocurrency Donations
09 April 2020 11:09, UTC Anna Martynova
Italian Red Cross raised $32,000, of which 22,000 were used to build the first medical post
Italian Expert: Cryptocurrency Bubble Grows and Will Surely Explode
08 April 2020 15:00, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Grown rich on Bitcoin himself, Gian Luca Comandini is very pessimistic about the future of almost all virtual currencies
Tesla and Shanghai International Port Group Work Together on Blockchain Solution
08 April 2020 14:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Tesla, Shanghai International Port Group and the logistics blockchain solutions provider successfully completed blockchain testing for importing goods into China
OKEX Announces the Conversion of Micro Balances into Its Native Tokens
08 April 2020 13:57, UTC Anna Martynova
OKEX offers users a integrated service of digital assets — converting micro-balances to OKB
WEF Talks About Implementing Blockchain into Supply Chains
07 April 2020 13:45, UTC Anna Martynova
The latest WEF report says that blockchain will help solve the problems of international supply chains that arose as a result of the coronavirus epidemic and mitigate the consequences
Researchers from Japan and Canada Develop Digital Blockchain-Based Court
07 April 2020 12:58, UTC Anna Martynova
Economists and researchers from Japan and Canada are working on a digital courtroom, which is planned to be used to resolve commercial disputes
11 Lawsuits Against Crypto Companies Filed in the USA
06 April 2020 14:01, UTC Anna Martynova
On April 3, 11 lawsuits were filed in the United States against crypto companies. They are accused of “unlicensed activities” and the sale of unregistered securities through an ICO or IEO
All Categories of Revolut Clients Got Access to Crypto Service
06 April 2020 12:43, UTC Anna Martynova
Revolut responded to the crisis caused by the coronavirus and opened access to the crypto service for all categories of customers
Spain Tax Agency Notifies Crypto Companies About Tax Payments
03 April 2020 12:35, UTC Anna Martynova
On April 1, the Spanish Tax Agency reminded crypto companies about paying taxes. This year, the number of such organizations has grown to 66,000
25,000+ XRPL Accounts Created In March
03 April 2020 11:41, UTC Anna Martynova
Despite the March bearish trend of the crypto market, over 25,000 new accounts were registered on the Ripple blockchain platform and a stable trading volume was recorded
Binance Confirms Acquisition of CoinMarketCap
02 April 2020 14:12, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The largest provider of market data will continue to operate as an independent business entity. CoinMarketCap was founded in 2013, Brandon Chez to step down
Satoshi Nakamoto Allegedly Contributed to the Creation of Monero Whitepaper
02 April 2020 12:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Historical research and analysis of the text of the technical document shows that Monero could be developed by Satoshi as an improved version of Bitcoin
Binance Launches Its Own Mining Pool
02 April 2020 11:22, UTC Anna Martynova
Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange announced the launch of its own mining pool. The launch is scheduled for Q2 2020
VeChain and Shanghai Gas Giant Launch Joint Energy Blockchain Project
01 April 2020 13:50, UTC Anna Martynova
After a successful pilot project, Shanghai Gas Group together with VeChain decides to launch a blockchain-based energy project
Toilet Paper Token: Fools’ Day at CoinMarketCap
01 April 2020 12:18, UTC Anna Martynova
A new Toilet Paper Token has appeared in the list of crypto tracking portal, which supposedly overtook Bitcoin and has the largest trading volume in 24 hours
KT Corporation Launches Blockchain Platform to Store Contracts
31 March 2020 13:01, UTC Anna Martynova
A telecommunications company in South Korea launches a blockchain platform to store contracts. The platform allows users to create, distribute and store electronic contracts

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