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Cryptocurrency is the new gold or something can go wrong?
Is gold really giving a way to cryptocurrency and what should be known about bitcoin not to feel yourself remaining on the margins of the progress, Bitnewstoday figures out
18 September 2017 14:01, UTC
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Myths about bitcoin
It’s hard to keep out of anything when you’re online, and that includes bitcoin cryptocurrency as well. If you’re new to it, you probably might have heard some rumors, discussions, and comments on the topic. We are here to speak about what’s true, what’s not
13 September 2017 12:30, UTC
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Bitcoin price history. Changes in the chart
Bitcoin price chart gets more attention every year. Tons of predictions were made, based rather on emotions that analysis. The history of BTC chart showed some changes – take a sneak peek on what was significant since 2011
05 September 2017 13:19, UTC
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Bitcoin forecasts. What has come true?
From the very beginning, bitcoin attracted analysts and different points of view and forecasts emerged. There were certain essential checkpoints in the history of cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at the short retrospective
05 September 2017 11:59, UTC
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How to get into bitcoin mining
Mining is the most popular way to get bitcoins nowadays. What is this method like? What are pros and cons of mining? Let’s learn it from this article
05 September 2017 11:00, UTC
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Cryptocurrency mining: calculations and recommendations for beginners
This material is a follow-up to a series of articles for new and experienced miners, here the author of this series discloses certain know-hows and provides precise calculation data. More details below
04 September 2017 12:15, UTC
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What should a beginner miner know
Warning for a novice miner. What mistakes can be avoided? Does solo-mining still make sense? Is it worth investing or it's too late?
28 August 2017 10:50, UTC
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Where to find cryptocurrency exchange rates and how to analyze them?
In cryptocurrency history there were many ups and downs. There were months when prices remained motionless and periods of rapid growth. But despite uncertain future, the number of transactions and market capitalization continues to grow. We will explore how the price is formed and what will happen to the digital currency market further
25 August 2017 12:33, UTC
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What is crypto wallet? How to choose the safe one?
There are several different types of wallets that provides different level of security and ways of use. It’s very important to pick up the right one, because of risk of hacking. For this reason it is crucial to figure out how to choose an appropriate wallet
22 August 2017 13:55, UTC
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Mining the cryptocurrency. How it works
Mining is the process of obtaining cryptocurrency in the virtual space
17 August 2017 13:20, UTC
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What is ICO
In fact, nowadays ICO is the transfer of a certain amount of new coins in exchange for the relevant amount of bitcoins, ether or another type of cryptocurrency that have a high rate and demand
17 August 2017 13:15, UTC
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Blockchain and bitcoin. History of appearance and development
Today the blockchain is actively used to register any possible events
17 August 2017 13:10, UTC
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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: a quick tutorial
The media began to mention so-called cryptocurrencies and digital technologies for creating "new" virtual money. In order not to miss the moment when the future comes, learn about these phenomena
17 August 2017 12:50, UTC