How to start

How to start
What is crypto wallet? How to choose the safe one?
22 August 2017 13:55, UTC
There are several different types of wallets that provides different level of security and ways of use. It’s very important to pick up the right one, because of risk of hacking. For this reason it is crucial to figure out how to choose an appropriate wallet
How to start
Mining the cryptocurrency. How it works
17 August 2017 13:20, UTC
Mining is the process of obtaining cryptocurrency in the virtual space
How to start
What is ICO
17 August 2017 13:15, UTC
In fact, nowadays ICO is the transfer of a certain amount of new coins in exchange for the relevant amount of bitcoins, ether or another type of cryptocurrency that have a high rate and demand
How to start
Blockchain and bitcoin. History of appearance and development
17 August 2017 13:10, UTC
Today the blockchain is actively used to register any possible events
How to start
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: a quick tutorial
17 August 2017 12:50, UTC
The media began to mention so-called cryptocurrencies and digital technologies for creating "new" virtual money. In order not to miss the moment when the future comes, learn about these phenomena

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