How to start

How to start
Public and Private Blockchain: How They Differ and Work
30 November 2021 17:50, UTC

Blockchains operate with a P2P architecture. This means that users transfer data to each other without intermediaries. But a public blockchain has fewer restrictions than a private one

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5 Tips for Safely Investing in Cryptocurrency
17 November 2021 11:24, UTC

If you are interested in safely investing in cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start, continue reading to find out everything you need to know beforehand

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How to Know Who Owns a Bitcoin Address
17 November 2021 10:44, UTC Denis Goncharenko

All the Bitcoin users on the network can access the transactional records and addresses

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Is a Bitcoin Transaction Anonymous?
16 November 2021 06:26, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Many people still wonder, how anonymous are Bitcoin payments? This article provides the answer

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Buying Bitcoin in a Trust – What You Should Know
16 November 2021 05:44, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Bitcoin trust is usually a more convenient alternative for institutional investors to capitalize on the projected Bitcoin growth

How to start
Understanding Decentralized Finance (DeFi) As a Concept
14 October 2021 18:10, UTC

Decentralized finance, also called DeFi, refers to different projects and applications in the public blockchain whose goal is to disrupt the conventional finance world

How to start
What is an Ethereum Fund And How Does It Work?
05 October 2021 12:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Ethereum is by far the most popular cryptocurrency globally, ranking second only to Bitcoin. We'll look at what Ethereum fund is and how it works in the article

How to start
How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency From College
22 September 2021 13:20, UTC Frank Hamilton

Like with any other tech niche, it’s not easy to get into the crypto world right away. Hence, here’s a guide on how to start a career in cryptocurrency from college

How to start
Everything you need to know about ICO trackers
17 December 2017 21:00, UTC
Bitnewstoday reviews one of the cryptocurrency business types – ICO trackers. How do they make their living and how to choose a tracker to post info on your own ICO? Read this article to know
How to start
What is Bitcoin exchange. Monitoring rates and charts
02 November 2017 21:00, UTC
Bitcoin is a hot-button topic nowadays and even common users start considering cryptocurrency as an investment. Start tracking current bitcoin exchange rates — just follow the methods
How to start
TOP 3 promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2nd half of 2017
01 November 2017 21:00, UTC
Cryptocurrencies emerge and develop rapidly, but which of them are future-oriented? The question is of great current interest — as it is obvious that bitcoin is not the “one and only” anymore, and altcoins get their share bit by bit
How to start
What is bitcoin faucet
31 October 2017 21:00, UTC
There are different ways of earning cryptocurrency, and “bitcoin faucet” is one of them. Probably, you’ve heard something about it. Here is the definition of the term and the process which takes place
How to start
How to get bitcoins automatically. Faucet bots, trader bots, software
30 October 2017 21:00, UTC
Want to get more free bitcoins daily? Improve your activity at the bitcoin faucets and start considering stock trading with cryptocurrency automatic trading bots. Learn how to make your income grow faster
How to start
Purchase and sale of cryptocurrency (bitcoin)
29 October 2017 21:00, UTC
Today the electronic money transactions volume is much higher than the number of transactions in the banking sector. Purchase and sale of cryptocurrency allow users of the network to accumulate funds in electronic purses, withdraw money into cash, increase the money supply through financial instruments. Working with title units is reduced to initiating certain operations in different services. The result of the transaction is the crediting (writing off) of funds or change in the balance of the account.
How to start
Cryptocurrency can be banned only if the Internet is switched off on the whole planet
20 October 2017 15:40, UTC
States are trying to regulate this sphere, but so far, prohibitive measures are the most common decision. What can be done to make this process decentralized? Nothing
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Is it normal to name a wallet after your pet?
12 October 2017 06:39, UTC
Which crypto wallet you should choose? What is better for payments, trading on stock exchanges or keeping your cryptocurrency safe? Where to store bitcoin wallet?
How to start
Why you shouldn't choose cloud mining
09 October 2017 13:46, UTC
Cloud mining looks like another opportunity to make easy money with cryptocurrency. As a result it has become another sphere for scammers to take advantage of. By promising large profits they often leave their clients with nothing. What are the potential pitfalls and is cloud mining profitable at all - read in our article
How to start
What are the best countries for opening a mining farm?
04 October 2017 08:48, UTC
It's getting harder to get income from mining: the costs are growing, and the amount of the currency being produced is falling. But there is a way out – to open a farm in another country. How to choose it read in the article by Bitnewstoday.com
How to start
From managers to miners: is it possible to mine for a comfortable retirement?
19 September 2017 14:05, UTC
Those who are not longer afraid of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins can dig even deeper – let's take a look at who the miners are and try to understand whether it is worth for managers to immediately retrain for mining
How to start
Cryptocurrency is the new gold or something can go wrong?
18 September 2017 14:01, UTC
Is gold really giving a way to cryptocurrency and what should be known about bitcoin not to feel yourself remaining on the margins of the progress, Bitnewstoday figures out

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