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Crypto Marketing Solutions From Coinband

27 April 2024 10:19, UTC

Many crypto projects face huge holes in their budgets and do not receive the expected results of digital marketing because they often resort to agencies specializing in the promotion of WEB 2.0 projects only. At the same time, this does not mean that they are unprofessional.

The fact is that even with a rich portfolio and hundreds of success stories of their clients, they must clearly understand that approaches and methods that work great for ordinary businesses may be ineffective for decentralized solutions. Haven’t found such an agency yet? Meet Coinband, a crypto PPC marketing company whose specialists know these differences and are ready to talk a little about their best practices right now.

Successful Crypto Marketing Is Not Just One Type of Marketing

While some crypto projects are starting to grab any opportunity to tell the world about themselves — whether it is through social networks, websites, thematic communities, etc. — only those who do the right things at the right time win in the long run. We mean that in most cases, an integrated approach plays a key role, and we can confirm this easily with the following cases.

Crypto Wallet

This product, being part of the MetaMask ecosystem, needed to increase the number of installations in app stores. Due to the restrictions for crypto projects established in mobile marketplaces, we could not resort to traditional ASO using keywords like “crypto,” “crypto wallet,” etc. In this regard, we developed a comprehensive solution, combining ASO with advertising on Facebook and Google.

To do this, we previously analyzed descriptions for similar projects in the App Store and Google Play and compiled a semantic core in 10 languages. We also carefully selected screenshots, chose metadata, and launched PPC and SERM campaigns using relevant keywords. This approach halved the cost of one lead (from $8 to $4 or even less) and provided the client with end-to-end tracking of leads across all communication channels. The results exceeded all expectations — the application earned about 5,400 installations in 2 months.


DegenZoo is a blockchain-based virtual zoo where users can buy and sell digital animals called DegenZooimals, which are essentially NFTs. The project needed to actively attract audiences to IDO, as well as forming its own community.

To achieve our goals, we decided to launch an airdrop, as well as resort to content and influencer marketing. The airdrop was that those who subscribed to the project’s social networks and community, and also used the referral link, received rewards. As for interaction with influencers, 30+ crypto bloggers were selected for this, who fueled interest in IDO for three weeks. Finally, we put a lot of effort into creating content about the upcoming IDO and the project itself, generating over 80 posts and reviews. The result of our activities was an IDO with 115,000 registered users and a TVL of 700 million dollars.

Crypto GPT

As an AI-driven Level 2 solution, CryptoGPT is aimed at active use in retail applications and services. To promote this project, we chose three-week influencer marketing (in fact, this was the heart of our strategy and implied the involvement of 50 influencers), launched an airdrop for IDO participants, and began creating project-related content.

We also paid significant attention to raising awareness of the CryptoGPT community, providing training materials to its members on how to implement the solution in their projects and regularly publishing news and updates (about 3-5 posts per day on social media and online communities). As a result, influencers alone were able to create a stir around the project with an audience of over 2,000,000 people. Thanks to this, IDO ended with nearly 50,000 participants registered in the project and raised a total of more than $1 billion.

Final Thoughts

We hope our short overviews of our clients’ success stories have inspired you to choose a team of marketers who specialize in working with WEB 3.0 solutions. In particular, you can always contact the Coinband team as experts in this field and receive comprehensive services to promote your solution at an affordable price. We always choose only those methods and approaches that bring the best results, which means that not a single cent from your marketing budget will be wasted.