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How to Withdraw Money from Quotex?

25 April 2023 14:39, UTC

Quotex is one of the most accessible trading platforms for the masses today. It is highly facilitated in terms of its convenient trading interface, integrated signals, trading indicators, and perfect speed, giving its users the ultimate trading experience.

Its user-friendly interface provides traders with the comfort of simple trading with no distractions constantly interrupting their work. Quotex provides its users with integrated signals which help them to approach their strategies thoughtfully. These signals have an accuracy of up to 87%, which makes them highly efficient.

Furthermore, it has assembled the most useful indicators so that you may design your next move with utmost efficiency. The platform runs on advanced technology, which makes it incredibly fast with transactions as well.

However, some traders may get confused regarding how they are supposed to withdraw money from Quotex, especially if they are new to the platform. If this is the case with you, then you have found the right article.

Quotex Withdrawal

Quotex withdrawal method depends on the one you used for the deposit. There are three main categories the methods fall under:

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Bank cards

  • Electronic payment systems

These withdrawals are processed in the same manner as the deposits depending on the transaction medium chosen. The broker charges no fee for the withdrawal, though you may want to check their terms of service for other types of fees according to your account and activity type.

Withdrawal can, however, take from minutes to up to three days. The process of withdrawal is conducted through your personal account. The procedure might require you to verify your identity, especially if you want to withdraw a large amount.

Steps to Withdraw Your Money from a Quotex Account

Step 1: Go to the withdrawal menu in your Quotex trading account.

Step 2: Next, you are supposed to select the payment method for the withdrawal. Here, it will require you to input the exact payment address as you had input for the Quotex deposit. In case you are interested in altering the preferred method, you will have to consult the support team.

Step 3: Moving forward, you will require inputting your payment address. For instance, if you prefer using Bitcoin as your medium of transaction, then you will need to share your bitcoin address, so that the amount may be transferred to you.

Step 4: Further, you will receive a confirmation code in your specified email. You need to enter this code when you are asked to provide one. This is one of the advanced features, namely two-factor authentication, which makes Quotex safer to use.

Step 5: Once you have put in your information and the confirmation code, you will be asked to move forward by clicking a button. Next, your order will move forward, and you will just have to wait for it to be completed.

After this is done, you can check the status of your order. There are mainly three statuses; Failed, In-Process, and Success.

Withdrawal Limits

Quotex limits its user with the amount they can withdraw in a single session. The minimum amount to withdraw is $10. However, if your chosen withdrawal method is through Bitcoin, the minimum amount equals $120, although it’s $50 for other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, withdrawal with digital currencies does not require verification.

The broker currently sets no maximum withdrawal limit. Quotex offers you to withdraw as much as your entire account balance in one go. Furthermore, there are no order limits as well, you can make as many withdrawals in a day as you want.

Withdrawal Mediums

Following is a list of techniques and mediums you can use to withdraw money from your account, each offering its own set of benefits.

Local Bank Transfers

Fortunately, Quotex supports local bank transfers in many countries. You can conduct the withdrawal either through online banking or by making use of your bank account number. Quotex works with banking systems in South America, as well as a considerable number of countries in Asia and Africa.

Visa Card

Visa cards are one of the easiest methods of conducting a withdrawal. However, it is important to keep in mind that to conduct withdrawals to your record, the process requires you to wait as long as 60 minutes. Additionally, 5% of expenses may be charged as a service fee.


Another way of going about this is by making use of a MasterCard. You can find the option when you go to the withdrawals section. After selecting it, you will be required to fill in the amount you are interested in withdrawing. As MasterCard is an outsider source here, you might have to pay charges up to 5% as a service fee. Once you confirm the amount, the withdrawal may take up to 60 minutes.


One of the modes provided and recommended for withdrawal is Bitcoin. Bitcoins are usually simple and protected, helping to reduce the risk factor. The cash flow is also smooth and swift making it an optimum choice. To conduct your withdrawal through this specific medium, you will just require to confirm your identity. Moreover, it is a free service as it is supported by the platform.


The process of withdrawal through Altcoins is mostly similar to Bitcoins. The platform offers the service free of charge, and the procedure hardly requires any excess time once you have provided some proof of identity.


Quotex offers a user-friendly interface, making the process of conducting trades simpler and easier. The platform holds the same approach when it comes to the withdrawal of the amount you've earned through trading. You are provided with a list of available services you can select from depending on your convenience. The services offered are Visa cards, MasterCard cards, local bank transfers, Bitcoins, Altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies.