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Everything you need to know about ICO trackers

17 December 2017 21:00, UTC
ICO trackers, or ICO aggregators, is a type of cryptocurrency-related business, the main goal of which is to accumulate information on projects holding an initial coin offering. The work of such companies is, firstly, to help ICO projects to attract investors, and secondly, to help investors choose the project they need. Bitnewstoday decided to provide its readers with a review of tracking crypto business.

How ICO trackers make their living

On today’s market, dozens of ICO trackers already exist, and they constantly develop their services and come up with new gimmicks both for ICOs and investors. And every month the number of these aggregators grows. While half a year it was 10 of them, at the press time it’s already over 30. Icoalert.com, Ico-list.com and some others can be called the most “ancient” of them.

Now let’s see how they make their money. While studying the market, Bitnewstoday has detected several patterns of ICO aggregators’ monetization.

The first type of ICO trackers can be called altruists. Data posting is free on this kind of sites, but donations so that the site could develop further are always welcome. For instance, the aforementioned Icoalert.com tracker offers to post project information for free, but one of the pages humbly tells the team would appreciate the help in the form of Ethereum or ERC20-based tokens. Judging by the fact the project is still alive, ICO promoters actually donate to the site now and then.

ICOs on Icoalert.com are sorted by three categories: active, upcoming and finished, and after clicking at the project, the user is redirected to its official website. Active and upcoming projects are also sorted by date. Some ICOs have a detailed description.

One can also place the project on Ico-list.com. This portal is for informational purposes and makes a living from ad revenue.

The second type is half-altruists. Projects like these allow to post the info on your project on their websites but they imply it’s better to donate and set a donation limit. Icotracker.net works on the scheme that closely resembles this type. The site makes it possible to add info on the project for free, but it’s entering only the waiting list, and to actually get it into the listing one must leave a donation no less than 0.1 BTC.

And the third type is paid trackers (the biggest group of them all). Such projects take charges from posting any ICO information. The price usually floats between 0.05 and 2 BTC. Paid trackers usually have a user-friendly interface, filters well though out and a good project profile.

The growth of both ICOs’ quantity on the market and of the investors’ interest towards this financial instrument is accelerated another crypto business activity – the rating of ICOs. Some projects offer ICOs to post info about them for free, but they take charges for rating membership or for the investment audit of the project.

ICO tackers which hold ICOs themselves

It is worth mentioning that some ICO aggregators held initial coin offerings themselves. For example, the Santiment project, which plans to create a service for ICO investors. The Santiment’s idea has received an appraisal from the cryptocurrency community, which helped to attract funds totaling to 45,000 ETH (at that time, around 2.14 million USD).

Issued tokens are planned to be distributed as follows. Most of them (54%) is to enter Public Crowdsale, 18% and 18 more are for team and Presale Payout, respectively, 6% will be the bonus fees and 4% will be given to the partners.

Every invested ETH equaled 1000 SANs. At the press time, this token cap was 15.3 million dollars (over 2 thousand BTC or 46.5 thousand ETH). One SAN is traded for 0.25 dollars on exchanges. The dynamics of the price of this token is on the diagram below (12 July, 19 July, 26 July, 02 Aug, 09 Aug, 16 Aug, 23 Aug, 30 Aug, 06 Sept, 13 Sept, 20 Sept, 27 Sept, 04 Oct, 11 Oct, 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 01 Nov, 08 Nov, 15 Nov).

Advices on how to choose ICO trackers

Placing the project in the ICO trackers is an important part of public relations strategy. Without any doubts, free services should not be underestimated, but at the current stage, when new ICOs appear every day, it’s worth considering paid trackers which offer investors handy filters and provide an opportunity to fully describe your project. Apart from this, one should take the number of visitors and the mentality of the audience of these trackers into consideration.

Let’s also not forget about a special section on one of the most popular crypto economy websites called Bitcointalk, where there’s also an opportunity to promote ICOs.

List of ICO trackers below

Tracker Attendance Project quantity
www.cryptocompare.com 17,400,000 51 upcoming ICOs;
59 active ICOs;
307 finished ICOs
www.coingecko.com 12,700,000 151 upcoming ICOs;
156 active ICOs;
397 finished ICOs
tokenmarket.net 1,650,000 108 upcoming ICOs;
74 active ICOs;
274 finished ICOs
www.coinschedule.com 1,150,000 109 upcoming ICOs;
157 active ICOs
ru.insider.pro 980,000 3 upcoming ICOs;
10 active ICOs;
15 finished ICOs
cryptocoincharts.info 760,000 22 active ICOs;
14 finished ICOs
happycoin.club 670,000 35 upcoming ICOs;
106 active ICOs;
135 finished ICOs
www.icoalert.com 650,000 386 active ICOs;
345 upcoming ICOs;
698 finished ICOs
icotracker.net 380,000 339 active ICOs;
171 upcoming ICOs;
264 finished ICOs
icorating.com 380,000 159 active ICOs;
110 upcoming ICOs;
465 finished ICOs
www.smithandcrown.com 270,000 383 active and upcoming ICOs;
331 finished ICOs
www.coinstaker.com 220,000 19 active ICOs;
20 upcoming ICOs;
36 finished ICOs
www.icoage.com 190,000 n/a
www.icocountdown.com 160,000 88 active ICOs
www.ico-list.com 140,000 48 active ICOs;
36 upcoming ICOs;
108 finished ICOs
cyber.fund 130,000 94 active ICOs
www.tokendata.io 130,000 200 active ICOs
icobazaar.com 120,000 69 active ICOs;
82 upcoming ICOs;
370 finished ICOs
www.tokenlot.com 85,000 32 finished ICOs
topicolist.com 16,042 78 active ICOs;
29 upcoming ICOs
icomagazine.com 3,938 8 active ICOs;
11 upcoming ICOs
www.icoquest.com - 182 active ICOs;
169 upcoming ICOs