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10 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Related Movies You Cannot Afford to Miss

23 December 2021 06:45, UTC
Christina Lee

Over a decade ago, the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchains such as Bitcoin was created. Not only have these seen a huge increase in popularity (and profitability) they have also made a hit in the movie industry. People who have a basic understanding of the concepts have turned to movies and films in this sector to further develop their knowledge. The movies show how people’s lives are affected by cryptocurrency and aim to explain what these currencies are all about. Here we list 10 movies that cannot be missed.

Life on Bitcoin

Follow the journey of Austin and Beccy as they take on a challenge to live for 100 days using nothing but bitcoin. Expect plenty of humour as they try to convince people to accept bitcoin as payment. Remember this film is from 2014 so cryptocurrency wasn’t as high profile back then.

Trust Machine: The story of Blockchain

The concept of blockchain is less spoken of in the film and movie industry which is what makes this film a must see. This amazing technology enhances online storage capability and the security aspects. Viewers learn the background and developments in this technology and have the chance to listen to experts giving their personal opinions on its usage.

Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it

Described by many as concise and informative. This film offers a true crash course in crypto currency. An hour in duration, this film talks about government stances on currency and how printing more money is not always the best solution. Look out for recordings of bitcoin experts too!

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

As the title suggests, this film takes you through the initial rise and then the continued rise of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Its growing popularity with investors over the last year is documented here, as is the decade long growth of the currency. This documentary also explores the functionality of the currency alongside its financial growth.


A crime thriller which takes viewers on a journey to the darkside (of cryptocurrency). The secure nature of cryptocurrency cannot be doubted but there are those who are sceptical and believe illegal activity is possible within it. This is where Crypto comes in and addresses these concerns.

Banking on Bitcoin

This film explains where bitcoin is heading and how it has benefitted from recent financial times. The aim of bitcoin is to disrupt government controls and is growing in popularity. However, those switching to cryptocurrencies do not possess the required knowledge which makes this such a key film to watch.

Deep Web

All about the first place where you could deal in crypto currency – Silk Road. This documentary, narrated by Keanu Reeves, explores the darker side of the internet and how the authorities got involved with dealings on the Silk Road. Viewers also meet the mysterious creator of Silk Road, Dread Pirate Roberts.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

An easy to follow and understand documentary which addresses the concerns and queries people have around bitcoin. Simple language and simple terms make this an easy, yet highly informative documentary for those wanting to understand bitcoin and its place in society.

Inside Job

Not directly about cryptocurrency but a must watch documentary to understand the brief history surrounding it. The film covers the reasons why bitcoin was introduced (no government interference) and how the financial crash of 2018 was a huge boost for currencies such as bitcoin.

I am Satoshi

There are still some grey areas surrounding the creator of bitcoin. Is this Satoshi a single person or a group of people? Where is Satoshi from? The aim of this movie is to shed some light onto this person or group and share some in-depth knowledge on the subject. Only 53 minutes in length so an easy watch on an evening.

Although blockchain and cryptocurrency have been around for over a decade, people are still reluctant to commit to them 100%. This is the beauty of the films and documentaries. They present the whole picture around these technologies and aim to educate people so that they become users. The varied running times and contents also keep them engaging without becoming too heavy and confusing.

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