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TOP 3 promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2nd half of 2017

01 November 2017 21:00, UTC
This review will point out the most interesting cryptocurrencies that have got their potential to grow massively — mostly due to the solid capitalization. Therefore, here is represented the best cryptocurrency opportunity to invest in 2017 — as these altcoins (alternative to bitcoin) are considered to be great outliers and will go up in their positions and value.


Well, it might be obvious, but here is ethereum, and it’s a unique outlier. This is a distributed computing platform that allows creating “the smart contract” functionally and runs on the blockchain — it means that contracts are public and stored on nodes. Ethereum is highly supported and is innovative “here and now”. This boosts the adoption rate of currency and creates a further network effect.

Still, many crypto-investors suppose that ethereum is undervalued nowadays. Its market cap is second to bitcoin, and some believe that etherium’s real value is even much greater than that bitcoin has. This cryptocurrency has already grown 1000% over the past few months and according to their opinion, it can have one more 1000% in the coming half-year at ease.

Some also say that ethereum is of great potential to dominate over bitcoin market and it would happen soon. Right now it might sound ridiculous, but the development rate of this cryptocurrency is the one to consider thoroughly.


Launched in 2012, Ripple is a transaction protocol (RXTP) focused on the banking market and performing mostly in this area. The native currency is XRP or “ripples”.

Its functions are similar to popular cryptocurrencies, though it’s structure doesn’t require any mining actions. Thus, this kind of platform reduces the usage of electricity and network. The transactions via Ripple perform through open protocol using the shared public database or the consensus ledger.

The performance of Ripple is outstanding — users can send their payments in real time utilizing its tech. The cryptocurrency is really high on demand since March 2017.


Dash, formerly known as DarkCoin or XCoin, became the real outlier in digital money. The system was launched in 2014 and its network has already grown up widely making Dash one of the most prominent P2P networks by 2017.

This platform offers more capacity both for the end users and secure services. Dash utilizes a two-tier system. Miners are the first party, getting paid for securing, validating, storing and serving blockchain to users. Master nodes represent the second part of a two-tier network. The servers are designed to secure quorums (clusters). Thus Dash system transactions are anonymous via a special coin mixing service supported by master nodes — “PrivateSend”. It provides instant transactions, privacy, and governance.

Currently, Dash is considered to have the highest level of anonymity. In March 2017, Dash daily trade volume was about 7% of all the cryptocurrency market. Also, Dash community is one of the largest on BitcoinTalk resource.

What about the other cryptocurrencies?

Since the market is considered volatile, making predictions which cryptocurrency to invest in is a hard task to do. Still, let’s face the truth that cryptocurrencies have become very popular assets for investing. Most of the altcoins have got the huge potential for their growth in the second half of 2017. Some of them bring new know-how concepts of decentralized networks, crowd-sourcing platforms, etc. The opportunities for proper investing are untethered, but one should always stay tuned. The history of the markets teaches us to be precautious.