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What is bitcoin faucet

31 October 2017 21:00, UTC

One of the unique features of cryptocurrencies is the opportunity to earn free on the Internet. Of course, it isn’t always possible to consider methods of replenishing electronic purses as a permanent income. Anyway, the balance increase is always lucrative. We will explain what is cryptocurrency faucet and how the system works - it is quite simple. Learn how to get free bitcoins without mining.

So what is the point of bitcoin faucets? They operate on the principle of bux. Bux sites pay users a reward for viewing ads. Their owners are ready to pay satoshi, which are bitcoin units — they arrive immediately in the user's wallet for his presence on the certain Internet resources. The process of such gaining is called “connecting to a faucet”.

Where to find the places with cryptocurrency distribution

There is a large number of websites that are ready to pay both for visiting and making basic and elementary actions. In order to find such resources, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of time. It is enough to turn to experienced users who keep statistics of free bitcoin faucets list. You’ll save your time and get all-ready prepared lists of resources that pay the maximum reward. In order to connect to the distribution, you’ll have to provide information about your e-mail and wallet.

How do bitcoin faucets work

When the registration is completed, the user is invited to enter his details on the welcome page. Ordinary it's just a button with a window for entering an email address. Satoshi is instantly credited on the wallet. There is also an alternative option when the satoshi are consolidated in the account of the personal cabinet. To activate the button you must either study the site for a few minutes or navigate through advertising.

The time spent on portals can be different. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get the bonus. In some cases, it is necessary to spend half an hour or even an hour. Experienced users prefer not to stay on a single site, but open top free bitcoin faucets at once in different browser tabs. This way the cryptocurrency getters increase the capacity in gaining the treasured coins. That’s how do bitcoin faucets make money.

What do you need to get started

Because of the fact that faucetbox.com currently is not running, one has to register at every resource possible in order to get some satoshi. Still, the registration doesn’t require much time and after the approval of your e-mail, you will enrich your database.

Let’s consider an example getting money out to the wallet at Bonus Bitcoin site. It’s a popular place which is positioned among the top ones. In order to register, you have to enter your e-mail, create a password, enter a captcha — voila, registration completed. You get your free satoshi (bitcoin) via the faucet, then you have to catch the “Bonus Bitcoin” buttons to get more.  

To withdraw the money, you need to accumulate them. To add the earnings to your personal BTC wallet you need about 10000 satoshi — that’s not the sum you can accumulate in a day. So you have to do some routine during a certain period of time, it’s hard to tell what is the best or highest paying bitcoin faucet in this case. You can also add some gamification into the process if you like it fast — for example, visit the Box Bit faucet. We also recommend you not to be fooled by advertising which promises great rewards for a short period of time. Mostly these faucets are fakes.

So, good luck to everyone who decided to connect to the faucets! Just take your time in getting some bitcoin.