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What is Bitcoin exchange. Monitoring rates and charts

02 November 2017 21:00, UTC
Bitcoin has shown the world an opportunity to develop a whole new branch of innovative digital commerce. The appearance of BTC at the large stock markets empowered its positions, making its rates more stable. A lot of trade accounts consist of former miners, faucet satoshi getters, and direct investors. Certainly, every holder is in demand of monitoring the current bitcoin and other cryptocurrency rates. If the holder doesn’t use the trade bots, he is in a constant need of essential information, that might lead him to profit.

Method №1. Study the stock instruments

A lot of users interested in bitcoin market, already take part in stock trading and they know the instruments. Certainly, if a person devotes himself to stock trading, he’s got no problems in monitoring bitcoin charts — he’s mostly online, “hanging out” at the stocks. But if a person is busy with work, business, or other circumstances, it is harder to monitor the process at the stocks.

So, the smartphone is a common solution, being within a hand’s reach. For example, the main page of btc-e.com is rich in proper content for users, with all the necessary data for trade. The modern smartphone displays the candles in online mode. It’s a convenient method and interface solution to keep an eye on the fluctuations in the rate of exchange. Moreover, you can always open the site and get the necessary information concerning recent trade volumes of exchange USD to bitcoin, other cryptocurrency rates and charts, latest news and so on.

Method №2. Applications. Native and third-party

Special software for gadgets is being developed right now with the lightning speed, constantly updating. The trade platforms turn that possibility to useful account. The application software allows not only to monitor bitcoin exchange rate chart but to do transact business, i.e. to buy and sale bitcoin and the other cryptocurrency.

The essential thing is, that native applications by a certain provider are a preferable option. This is because of the fact that the currency rates on the stocks might be the same at one time, but still are different. So, while planning to use the third-party software, be aware and acquire information as a suggestion. Such application can be a good support to take in the market situation with bitcoin chart live. If a cryptocurrency rate rises — you can probably sell with profit. If it drops, you can buy and hold.

Method №3. Alternative monitoring

The demand of modern trader is to be always aware. The more possibilities — the better. This principle especially concerns the cryptocurrency charts, because this market is still unstable and volatile. The essential information, obtained at a right time, might help to cut losses. It might also be a trigger to make a profitable deal.

You can surround yourself with information. Use different sites and currency exchanges’ widgets as a source. If you’re an active user, you can probably download the add-ons for a browser to see the necessary information while working. The add-ons and bitcoin chart widget have a lot of options, you can adjust them for your convenience. For example, you can configure the alerts for the rate changes, or the intervals, etc.

Alongside with actual and online information, a long-term orientation is also a good option. Join the mailing lists of different famous and respected media or blog. An experienced marketing specialist or a broker deep in the analysis of the bitcoin market can put forward an assumption of a good value. Having a reliable partner or participation in a group can minimize your risks, so you won’t have to monitor bitcoin real time chart 24/7.