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Polygon Price Prediction: Can AltSignals' Revolutionary Algorithm Push The ASI Token Ahead of MATIC?

Polygon (MATIC), which Polygon Labs developed, is one of the most popular and successful layer-2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, which has led to many positive Polygon price predictions.

10 May 2023 11:12, UTC
The Benefits of Incorporating ESG Investing into Your Portfolio

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has become popular recently. Portfolios in ESG consider environmental, social and governance factors while generating returns. You can use stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and other investments to build your portfolio. There are various ways to include ESG investing in your portfolio. This includes screening for companies with strong ESG ratings or investing in funds that focus on ESG factors. Want to know more? Continue reading to find out. 

26 April 2023 10:59, UTC
Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin You Should Know About

About a year ago, Bitcoin made the world stand up and take notice of the potential of cryptocurrencies. Its meteoric rise in value and its ability to disrupt the existing financial system caused many other cryptocurrencies to pop up. There are now over 800 types of digital currencies in existence, each with their own unique features.

14 April 2023 07:39, UTC
Here's Why Bitcoin Investors Should Watch The Value of The US Dollar

2023 has already been an interesting year for Bitcoin. The crypto asset has experienced a huge bull run and has traded at over $28,000 on a number of occasions. The sudden price surge sparked a wave of new investors who are hoping to catch on to the bullish trend and take advantage of long-term appreciation.

06 April 2023 14:55, UTC
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Here’s Why Investors Are Rushing To Buy MCADE Tokens Before MCADE Hits Public Crypto Exchanges

As the Metacade presale draws to a close, investors have been rushing to get their hands on the final few MCADE tokens before it lists on mainstream crypto exchanges. With some calling Metacade the best crypto to invest in right now, it’s clear that the buzz around this platform is reaching a fever pitch. But what is it about Metacade that has investors clamoring to join in on the action?

29 March 2023 15:30, UTC
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AltSignals Price Prediction: Investors Flock To AltSignals' ASI Token Presale As Crypto Market Takes Off

With the crypto market making a steady resurgence, many investors have been searching for upcoming presales with plenty of promise. One of these projects is AltSignals, a long-standing signal provider that’s looking to take its offering to the next level through AI. In this article, you’ll discover what AltSignals is, how it plans to integrate AI into its service, and some expert AltSignals predictions. 

16 March 2023 15:40, UTC
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The 6 Best Long-Term Crypto Investments in Presale During March, 2023

Blockchain technology is at the forefront of several technological advancements, which is exactly why many of the best long term investment opportunities can be found in crypto. The current best long term crypto investments span across multiple sectors of blockchain, including NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

15 March 2023 12:19, UTC
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Experts Give Their Best Crypto Predictions for 2023, And Metacade's Online Arcade Tops Their List

As the start of the new year becomes a faded memory, crypto experts have lined up to provide their best predictions for 2023. The bear market 2022 conditions remain fresh in the minds of investors, with conditions showing little sign of easing in the early stages of 2023.

14 March 2023 12:12, UTC
Here Are the Reasons Why Roobet Is Among the Top Crypto Betting Sites For Bonuses

The world of cryptocurrency and online betting has become much more popular in recent years. Consequently, this led to the introduction of loads of different online bookmakers and casinos that offer all kinds of things.

13 March 2023 14:51, UTC
Is Now the Right Time for a Short or Long Term Investment in Cryptocurrency?

Deciding whether now is the right time to invest in cryptocurrency can be a difficult decision. It's important to remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and their prices can change very quickly. That being said, there are some steps you can take to ensure you're well-informed regarding your investment decisions to make them profitable. 

10 March 2023 17:20, UTC
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MeStar’s Blocky Metaverse: Minting of Mia Was Completed in 90 Minutes

MeStar has recently launched its first NFT collection, Mia PFP Series. The whitelist of this collection was distributed as a reward to the OG builders of the MeStar Community. The mint of this collection was completed in only 90 minutes by over 1,400 holders with a total gas cost of 14,112 USD worth of ETH.

09 March 2023 14:49, UTC
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As Crypto Winter Thaws, Online Trading Community AltSignals Launches New Crypto Presale

The crypto winter saw many altcoins lose over 90% of their value. But could the crypto winter now be over?

09 March 2023 10:15, UTC
Crowdfunding in Cryptocurrency

Crowdfunding has become an extremely useful alternative to venture capital, and has been utilized in pitching the cause of non-traditional projects such as those started by hopeful creatives, in-need families and individuals. About $34billion has been raised through crowdfunding initiatives. However, crowdfunding platforms have a number of limitations which blockchain technology can help with. 

09 March 2023 09:47, UTC
Are Crypto Gaming Tokens the Future Of Online Gaming?

The gaming industry is on the rise, and with it, so is the use of cryptocurrency. For some time now, online gamers have been using crypto tokens to purchase in-game items, trade game assets, and even bet on their favorite games. But are these tokens here to stay? Additionally, if they are here to stay, what does this mean for the future of online gaming?

06 March 2023 05:46, UTC
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The 7 Best Blockchain Games To Make Money in 2023

For investors looking to make a big return, or for gamers looking to earn a crypto income while playing games online, here are the 7 best blockchain games to make money in the gaming industry right now

27 February 2023 09:24, UTC
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Different Types of Gold Investments

Gold has been the world's favorite wealth from ancient cultures to modern times. One can invest in gold in many forms, including acquiring gold jewelry, coins, bars, exchange-traded funds, funds, national gold bond schemes, and more

17 February 2023 15:13, UTC
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Which Crypto Exchange Has the Most Altcoins?

The features, the security, the size of the catalog with supported altcoins and the fees are some of the important things you should consider before choosing an exchange

15 February 2023 10:20, UTC
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Things You Should Know Before Investing in Ethereum

Ethereum remains the second most popular cryptocurrency and the second largest in terms of volume. However, unlike Bitcoin, using Ethereum may warrant a larger learning curve, especially for new investors.

13 January 2023 09:10, UTC
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Watch Out for These 5 Metaverse Games That Will Bring You Massive Gains in 2023

The metaverse games arena is becoming more competitive with the release of new platforms. In contrast, existing ones have evolved to remain at the forefront of the GameFi industry. Play-to-earn (P2E) is becoming one of the main attractions for gamers, with opportunities to earn passive income while exploring exciting new virtual worlds, leading to significant growth in metaverse games.

12 January 2023 10:42, UTC
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xBitcoin Capex Club: Ready to Take the Crypto Market to New Heights

Despite all the negatives facing the crypto market, a new glimmer of hope beckons as xBitcoin Capex app promises a breath of fresh air

10 January 2023 05:58, UTC