Obortech Promises to Revolutionize Supply Chain Systems With a DeFi Twist
05 April 2021 14:00, UTC
The old-age supply-chain business also needs a revamp for better efficiency and the answer lies in Decentralization and more specifically, DeFi
Bithumb Global Lists LCMS — a Token Promoting Healthy Consumer Products, Announces a $20k Trader Event
01 April 2021 14:30, UTC Andrey Sergeenkov
LCMS is now available for trading at Bithumb Global—one of the world's most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges posting over $1.5 billion as the average daily trading volume
Freeliquid Stablecoin Lending Platform Launches Token Pairs on Swop.Fi & Waves Exchange
30 March 2021 06:15, UTC
Freeliquid was launched to change the DeFi lending game, by collateralizing liquidity pool ownership tokens in exchange for funding loans equivalent to 90% of the LP share
Is Ethereum Worth Investing In?
28 March 2021 14:50, UTC
Ethereum is undoubtedly the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Slated to be the next Bitcoin, ETH is on its way up and many experts believe that there’s no stopping its growth
Elrond: Flight to the Moon or Journey to Valinor?
24 March 2021 06:15, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
What interesting do the Romanian developers offer, and what does the elven lord Elrond, a character from the legend of J.R.R.Tolkien have to do with it?
Polkamarkets: Changing the Prediction Market Space
19 March 2021 07:35, UTC
Decentralized prediction markets offer flexibility which allows users to bet on the outcome of future political or sporting events in an open, cheaper, and less censored manner
Avalanche Cryptocurrency - a Truly Avalanche Development
11 March 2021 11:25, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
The Ava Labs' project is positioned as an "Internet of Finance" or a "platform of platforms" — that is, an environment where developers can create a variety of projects
What’s Behind Binance Coin Recent Growth?
10 March 2021 09:25, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
It's no surprise that the ideas of the Binance project established in 2017 are more likely to be successful
Crypto Market: Advocate, Don’t Manipulate
05 March 2021 09:00, UTC Hans Koning
Recently Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons have tweeted about cryptocurrency. Should we somehow stop it?
Dogecoin: How Funny Yellow Shiba Went to the Moon
12 February 2021 08:20, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
Why is everyone talking about the "Dogecoin", is it possible to make money on it, and is it true that soon everyone will forget about it? Let's try to figure it out
Ripple Labs Responds to SEC Claims, XRP Returns to 4th Place
11 February 2021 12:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
XRP token issuer, Fintech Startup Ripple Labs, has published comments on the allegations brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Crypto is Now the World’s Fifth-most Circulated Currency by Value
22 January 2021 08:45, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Crypto’s popularity in 2020 and 2021 was accompanied by an incredible surge in trading
The Man Losing 7,500 BTC Offers the City $72 M for Hard Drive Search
15 January 2021 14:05, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The engineer claims to have thrown the device in 2013 into a trash can, which was assigned a serial number and an appropriate place on the landfill
The Year of Stablecoins. Reasons for Development and Consequences for Markets
14 January 2021 13:05, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Stablecoins, unlike Bitcoin, do not break price records, but they are growing in terms of capitalization. What are the causes and consequences of developments?
CUDOS Token, a Decentralized Cloud Computing Solution, Set to Launch on BitMax Today
12 January 2021 14:00, UTC
CUDOS, a decentralized cloud computing blockchain, announces its exclusive public token listing event on the 12th of January, 2021.
How to Protect Your Bitcoin Investments From Loss
05 January 2021 08:41, UTC Devin Partida
People are becoming more interested in bitcoin, and they want to know how to make this currency work in their favor. All investments come with risks, but there are ways to minimize loss
Events of 2020 That Influenced the Crypto Market
30 December 2020 11:34, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday lists 2020 events that influenced the crypto market
Crypterium Celebrates Third Anniversary With 21% Annual Yield on CRPT Deposits
30 December 2020 09:11, UTC Andrey Sergeenkov
Recognized as one among the Emerging 50 in a FinTech 100 report published by KPMG and H2 Ventures, the app is available for both android and ios users
Which Crypto Investments You Should Consider for 2021
23 December 2020 11:01, UTC Val Taneff
The beginning of the new year is a good time to reconsider your investment strategy. Your wallet probably needs frequent updates and the new year is the perfect time to consider a long-term investment
Radix (eXRD) Token Sale Recap, Recent Developments and Project Breakdown
23 November 2020 09:51, UTC Vasilios Filip
Radix is a decentralised ledger technology platform built specifically for new financial apps. Unlike the existing blockchains where DApps are built as layer 2 solutions, the Radix protocol allows to create layer 1 DeFi applications

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