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Bitcoin Halving in 2024: How to Make Money from the Halving Wave?

02 May 2024 15:53, UTC

How the BTC halving in 2024 is different from previous years

According to the past three halving rules, Bitcoin will experience a price surge that will last for about 7 months after the halving. However, the situation is somewhat different for the 2024 halving. On the one hand, before the halving, ETFs were approved in the United States and Hong Kong, making BTC retail investment possible. BTC was significantly pushed up in terms of investor confidence and investment value. Before the halving, the price of BTC had reached a record high. . On the one hand, this halving coincides with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, and higher interest rates have led to greater interest in things like U.S. Treasury bonds and other interest-paying assets and investments. In turn, this has led to people abandoning riskier assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, based on these two reasons, the BTC price did not rise but fell after the halving.

How to make money with the power of halving

Although BTC is currently in a period of downward volatility, this round of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve is about to end. When the Federal Reserve ends raising interest rates and begins to cut interest rates, dollars will once again flow to the world to find new investment targets. By then, cryptocurrencies such as BTC that have been approved by regulatory authorities will once again become the main battlefield for capital to pursue profits, and the scarcity of BTC supply in the next few months is already foreseeable. Accordingly, another surge in BTC prices is already foreseeable.

While Bitcoin is by far the most recognized cryptocurrency, due to its growing popularity, it has also become one of the most expensive to invest in, which can be an obstacle for new investors to get a piece of the pie. Judging from another channel to obtain BTC (obtained through mining), Bitcoin mining has already entered the era of mining pool matrix mining. Although the benefits of large mining pools are very impressive, the investment cost is higher than purchasing BTC directly, making it a more difficult threshold for new investors to overcome. So is there any way for all investors to leverage the power of this halving to make money from the Bitcoin world?

Simpleminers offers a viable solution for new investors to make money from the Bitcoin world

After this round of halving, it has become more difficult for miners to obtain rewards, which will inevitably lead to miners with lagging computing power to quit the ranks of Bitcoin miners because they cannot get rewards. Computing power will be forced to become more centralized, so in order to gain computing power advantage, mergers and acquisitions among mining pools will inevitably occur. Although Simpleminers is already the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool (contributing about 3.5% of the world’s hash rate), this round of halving has also put Simpleminers under pressure.

In order to ensure that it remains the world’s largest mining pool after adjustments for mergers and acquisitions between mining pools, Simpleminers decided to sacrifice one year’s profits in exchange for an absolute advantage in computing power in the next four years. (Use investors’ funds to expand computing power deployment at the expense of 1 year’s profit.)The Bitcoin world generates a new block approximately every 10 minutes, and the miner reward for each block after the halving is 3.125 BTC.

Therefore, based on the current hash rate occupied by Simpleminers, the number of BTC that Simpleminers can obtain every year = (3.125*3.5%*6 blocks/hour)*24 hours*365 days=5748.75. If estimated at a price of US$60,000 per coin, this would be US$344,925,000. In other words, in order to realize this plan, Simpleminers will release at least $345 million, which will be shared among all investors participating in the plan.

What is Simpleminers’ plan to free up $345 million for new Bitcoin investors to participate?

This is an investment project for investors to participate in Bitcoin mining by purchasing computing power contracts. In order to facilitate investors, Simpleminers has added a “one-click purchase” function to the computing power contract, making the operation extremely simple and convenient. When the contract purchase is successful, investors only need to wait for the contract to expire and then get back their principal and income. We call it the “One Click to Make Money” scheme.

Simpleminers “One-Click to Make Money” Investment Case:

With an investment amount of $10,000, you can purchase: Antminer S21, one contract worth $10,000 with a 200TH/S cycle of 50 days. The daily interest rate for this contract is 1.65%.

After purchasing, the investment profit you can earn every day = $10000*1.65%=$165.

After 50 days, your principal and income = $10000+$165*50=$10000+$8250=$18250.

(The company also has many money-making plans to choose from, and you can start your “one-click money-making” journey with just $100. Due to space limitations, only individual plans can be introduced here. For more details, please visit the platform website or consult online customer service.)

With your participation, the hash rate occupied by Simpleminers will be increased, which means that Simpleminers will receive more reward opportunities. Therefore, in order to better leverage the power of investors, we can make money faster together. In addition to releasing 1-year income, Simpleminers also releases the following incentives to participants:

1. Free registration bonus of US$10. (Investors can use these 10 US dollars to familiarize themselves with the investment operations of the platform, and can truly obtain an investment income of 0.3 US dollars per day.)

2. Recharge cash rewards. (Recharge $3,000 and get $30 cash back; top up $10,000 and get $200 cash back. The more you recharge, the more cash you’ll get.)

3. Invitation rewards. (Invite friends to come to Simpleminers to make money, and you can get a cash reward of 3% of their investment; if your friends invite friends to invest, you can also get a cash reward of 1% of their investment. For example, if you invite some friends to Simpleminers Make money, they invest $300,000, then you will get a cash reward of $9,000. If your friends invite some more people, and they invest $100,000, then you will also get a cash reward of $1,000.)

Warm reminder: If you want to participate in our “One-Click to Make Money” program, please operate through our official website Simpleminers.com or download our mobile APP.

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