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CerebrumIQ: How IQ Influences Crypto Investment Decisions

04 July 2024 12:00, UTC

Crypto is a subject of fierce debate, both in the world of currencies and in finance overall. Is it really a reliable and potentially profitable investment? Are some currencies better than others? Do you have to be really smart to understand how crypto works?

Experts have isolated ten skills you need to hone to really be good at investing in crypto. Let’s take a closer look at them, and discuss how different aspects of intelligence contribute to each of them.

Don’t invest more than you have

The first rule of investing in crypto is not to put out more than you can potentially afford to lose. Certain IPOs and really juicy looking currencies or NFTs can look like they are headed straight up, but you should be careful about this. We all remember the crypto winter and how fast all the crypto exchanges crashed when things started to sour.

This principle involves the use of reason more than anything. You need to be able to look towards the future and figure out, based upon past experiences and reasonable likelihood, what might happen in one year, five years, etc. Don’t just act upon something that looks too good to fail, because it may well do that.

Employ the “dollar cost averaging” principle

The dollar cost averaging principle states that you should limit your purchases to small and regular ones, rather than buying a big bunch of stock at one time or by watching small changes in the stock market.

The principle behind this is based upon the fact that stocks naturally fluctuate, and watching them too closely can force you to become entrenched in the process and lose sight of the larger picture. So you should choose your currencies wisely and be able to step back and know when and if you should pull out. If a new one does happen to grow to great heights, it will happen over an extended period of time.

Stick to major currencies

If you want to make solid investments for the future, you should figure out which of the major currencies is really solid and put your money into them rather than risking it on new and potentially unstable currencies.

The intellectual principle behind this kind of decision making is similar to that of not investing more than you have. You need to have a sound notion of long-term stability and be able to envision slow and steady growth over a longer period. Crypto can be a volatile world in general, but particularly if you are gambling on new currencies that might not even make it through their early years.

Watch regulations

Another thing you need to be able to do is keep your eye on the regulations and understand the potential implications of them. The biggest reason for the recent crypto winter was that regulators hadn’t yet developed policies sufficient to control it adequately. And for this reason it suddenly crashed and burned.

This problem is compounded even further when it comes to international regulations. To truly regulate crypto activity as it should be regulated, there needs to be large-scale coordination among the world’s governments. And this is an enormous challenge.

So, sufficiently monitoring regulatory activity requires a thorough understanding of the law, first of all. You should be familiar with the way fiscal policies work in general, and also what the conversation surrounding crypto is and where it is going. Governments will generally only change their policies when they foresee major problems, or lobby groups put enough pressure on them. So you need to develop the ability to understand this.

CerebrumIQ has developed the best IQ testing system in the world

Thanks to the developers at CerebrumIQ, there is now a revolutionary new way of both testing and improving upon IQ scores. The real IQ test free consists of a series of 30 multiple choice questions. It can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world because the questions are independent of language or cultural groups.

When you finish the test, the program gives you the opportunity to work on individual cognitive areas that might have weakened your score. By isolating the functions of memory, concentration, speed, reaction time, and logic, you can hone individual areas as you need and then work on raising your overall score. No other testing system has approached the subject in such an analytical and comprehensive way.

Test yourself, then hit the stock exchange

You won’t necessarily make a fortune on the crypto markets just by mastering the CerebrumIQ program. This will require a combination of research, intellectual growth, and constant monitoring of the markets. You will definitely put yourself in a much better position to analyze it, though. And with a lot of hard work, you may just find yourself to be the master of the Bitcoin trade!