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Dogeverse’s Presale Drums Up Late-Stage Support Ahead of Exchange Debut

30 May 2024 14:56, UTC

The crypto industry has never had a shortage of projects and at any given time, there are thousands of them already in the market and many more launching. One way to gauge the potential performance of the tokens that are yet to launch is their presale numbers.

Presales have always been a great way for investors to get their hands on new tokens before anyone else and possibly profit from it. It is also a way to see which projects are most likely to make a splash in the market when they launch. The idea is that if a project has a lot of demand even in the presale stage, it will go on to do well in the wider market.

Currently, there is a lot of attention surrounding Dogeverse, a dog-themed meme coin that is in the later stages of its presale. The token has secured almost $17 million in presale funds and is expected to be a hit when it arrives on exchanges.

The Rise of the Dogeverse

Ever since Dogecoin made a big splash back in 2021, we’ve seen a greater influx of dog-themed meme coins and many of these have proven to be legitimate and enduring projects. Diverse is no different and this is a factor in the attention it’s gotten so far.

The token operates on six different blockchains- Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Base. This means that the token can take advantage of the benefits of several. With Ethereum, there is scalability, with Solana there is speed, and much more.

It also allows users of the token to switch between blockchains whenever they wish and the fact that this is being done from the start of the project is a major benefit. These benefits have regularly seen Dogeverse listed as one of the best crypto projects to invest in this year, as noted in 99bitcoins.com.

The market has happily responded to these predictions, with the presale raising millions already. On top of this, Dogeverse has secured a public profile that new cryptos can only dream of. It has been discussed in publications like the Economic Times and CoinMarketCap has published profiles on it. It’s social media also boasts tens of thousands of followers and these will only increase when its rollout is complete.

The rollout will also make the use cases of the token more apparent. We already know that the token can be traded speculatively and used on several blockchains but there could be more in store. Can it be used on an anonymous casino? Will merchants accept it for buying goods and services? There is a world of possibility for the token and it seems we’re only just getting started.


The meme coin sector has given us a horde of valuable projects over the years and Dogeverse seems to be the latest of these. If it can replicate the success of its presale in the wider market, its investors will be able to make a profit and new users will enjoy the many benefits it comes with.